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Re: Point Defense

Post by Rossinna-Sama » Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:53 pm

ZedF wrote:Watch out!

Rossinna-Sama, this is the SotS1 forum -- make sure your advice is specific to SotS1. I am 99% certain you are talking about your SotS2 experience here, given mention of techs like Rapid-Fire Laser. Boarding in SotS1 is not precisely congruent with boarding in SotS2.

In SotS1, boarding pods operate a bit differently than in SotS2, as marines take much longer to take over a ship, so that shooting the pods off while the ship is being taken over is a valid tactic. That said... pods are still quite dangerous in the hands of certain races (most especially Zuul.) Their pods are the most durable (in SotS1, not so much in SotS2) and can take over enemy ships most easily. PD has more time to be an effective counter, but still suffers from being distracted by other things which need defending against.

In SotS2, a heavy dose of beam weapons (esp. emitters) may help clear pods away before they can get to your ships, but other weapons tend to be too inaccurate and not bursty enough given how little time you have to respond to pods once they get close to your ships. In SotS1, even medium accuracy weapons like AP drivers can and do help because latched-on pods are much easier to hit and because you have more time to work with.

If you are playing Zuul, loading up on boarding pods is an extremely powerful move because you can double your fleet by capturing the enemy first wave; captured ships won't be under your control, but they can still move and fight and absorb enemy weapon fire. (In SotS2, captured ships are much more likely to be heavily damaged and unable to contribute much to your cause.)

Errg.... how many times have I fallen for that? I'll edit my posts. I do my forum posting by the New Posts area, which doesn't differentiate between SOTS1 and 2. Fair number of the time I spot the lack of a 2 in the above index, but not always. My apologies.
All I remember from Sots1 boarding pods is that Zuul loves them.
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Re: Point Defense

Post by Sentenza » Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:58 pm

Thanks for all the input :)

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