Cannot build Electronic Warfare Section on DN

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Cannot build Electronic Warfare Section on DN

Post by Qwestyngbeast » Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:21 am

Edit - Problem solved. Pay no attention to the noob behind the curtain.

I am stumped here. I have all the required tech to be able to build the Electronic Warfare (EW) section on my dreadnoughts. However, I do not get the option to use the EW section in the design screen. I am playing a single player game as the hiver race in SoTS one, version 1.8.0. I have Sensor Jammer, Advanced Sensors, Quantum Chaff, and Advanced Dreadnought Engineering all researched. From the research I have done on the forums and fansites I have found I should be able to use the EW section to design and build ships. What am I missing?

Edit - I found the problem. I am missing Sensor Jammer tech. I was mistaking Sub-space Jammer tech for the Sensor Jammer tech needed to use the EW section. Doh!

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