Unit transporters doubling as Medevac

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Hari Seldon
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Unit transporters doubling as Medevac

Post by Hari Seldon » Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:36 am

I have no idea if this will break the balance but here it is:
Supply trucks can be a supply waypoints to the commanding unit so it can go farther while still being in supply.

My suggestion is that units that can transport other units should have a similar ability or perk: to be able to, when they are in range of a medical company, get all of the abilities of the medical company as if the medical company was right there on the front lines where the transport unit is, not down a daisy chain.

This would be especially good for flying transports (ex: mission 2 of the Hiver campaign?) that could leave the airport every turn and go really far over a wide area and stop where the action is, then come back to the airport, where the medical company unit is waiting, at the end of the turn.

Like the medevac helicopters in the TV show MASH.

I understand if this is a bad idea because after all Ground Pounders may sometimes cover entire continents? If it does then medevac across a continent may be unreasonable.
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Re: Unit transporters doubling as Medevac

Post by Mecron » Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:01 pm

A great idea but perhaps it might work better just as a medevac helicopter unit. Thanks Hari!

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