List of Veteran and Elite Unit Perks I found

There's a lot to find and do in Ground Pounders. So, for those who might not want the surprise spoiled...

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List of Veteran and Elite Unit Perks I found

Post by Hari Seldon » Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:02 am

I found the perks for the Hiver Campaign. Start the campaign and select your 3 units, close the game, open the game, go to Your Units, and then you are able to click to choose their future Perks even though they don't have the XP to level up and get them yet.

So I'm sharing what they are and my first impressions:

Command Unit Veteran Perks
Friends (+5 Space Superiority)
Air Defense (+3 against air)
Skilled Worker (can build structures)
Big Guns (+2 against tanks)

In my opinion only Friends and Skilled Worker are any good unless the command unit is at the tip of the spear.

Command Unit Elite Perks
Best of The Best (any of your persistent units that are reinforced do not have XP loss)

This might encourage you to use persistent artillery and missile units with commanders that don't have this perk and use your persistent front line units with commanders that do have this perk.

Regular Unit Veteran Perks
Tank Buster (+1 against Tanks)
Fwd Observer (+1 to artillery that support this unit)
Street Fighter (+2 ATK/DEF in urban areas)
Medical Company (10% chance to restore 1 pt readiness lost in combat that turn)
Watchful (Prevents any enemy who moves into this unit's ZOC from moving further)
Eyes High (+2 anti air)

These perks seem great for front line units but I am not sure that these perks are great for artillery. Artillery don't get hurt much because they support other units that are closer to the front lines (medical company). Artillery don't have a ZOC near the enemy (watchful). And of course artillery aren't forward observers (fwd observer).

Regular Unit Elite Perks
Forager (no longer requires supply)
Ninja (-40 signature)
Adaptable (+2 dice)
Heroic (starts with status: overpowered)
Pathfinder (+4 movement points)

I absolutely hate when my recon units are leashed to supply chains so my favorite for them might be Forager. Although I worry a lot about losing Recon units once they make contact with the enemy (because they have so low HP) so Ninja might be good too. I really don't know how to use Recon units anywhere near significant enemy forces. I love Orbital Recon.
I have no idea what Heroic is because my units have not leveled up and received it yet so I haven't tested it.
Adaptable sounds great for Medical units because they have only one die to start with, and great for artillery, missiles, and siege because they can be in range of lots of targets.
Ninja sounds great for units that go on commando missions.
Pathfinder is great for Artillery because otherwise they only have 1 or 2 movement points. Otherwise it might only be good for helping skirmish units envelop stray enemy units.
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Re: List of Veteran and Elite Unit Perks I found

Post by Erinys » Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:19 pm

Wow. Nice work, Hari. You're really digging in. :)

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