Need help with Very hard difficulty...

Sometimes, in order to rule the world, you have to break a few cities!

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Need help with Very hard difficulty...

Post by OMAR » Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:44 am

Hello people

I managed to finish the game with normal dificulty with all three kaiju so i know the basics of the game but i have serious problems with playing on very hard dificulty . Do i really need to drop a cities moral to 21 or 25 to get it or am i doing something really wrong ? i managed to make my gine tier 2 and about to make it t3 and also i nearly captured all green cities BUT they are 40+ damaged so no good income (made some good reputation tho XD) and also dont worry about the invasions i found a way to get rid of them ( with a few lazer turrets and with the Gino) also i realize if no one is shooting for a few seconds ( 20 or so ) the invasion is finishes so i put my base as close to middle as possible then put some turrets in it so i take care of ground units and it would be enough not even need to deal with ships. What i am asking is, should i focus on improving kaiju instead of taking cities (i mean should i raid and go only ) ? and also what should i do to make those cities surrender without destroying half of them ?

Thank you

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Re: Need help with Very hard difficulty...

Post by OMAR » Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:40 pm

Alright here what i figure out so far ...

First my main tactic in early game was trying to keep regions at green or orange but not red so if i attack two green region in a month they turns to orange but next month they return to green. Main reason for it is every time i attack a city it will be a total suprise attack which is quite importand.

Secondly after taking down the importand buildings in middle at beggining during the suprise attacks free time i am heading to the edge of the map and start destroying houses ...

because i have a quick escape route there and those heavy artillery tanks having really hard time to reach me by the way i realize those enemies have a limited time after a long search for me in that city they disapear without shooting one single bullet most of time

and also i realize if i kill every civilians in the game i can get that city MUCH more easyly even in first attack and also in very hard i still had to drop the moral till 33 30 or even (my personal record) 20 to get them ..

At the moment i have nearly all green cities with only tier 2 gino. And btw that first skill you get when u just starting is really effective against infantries AND civilians i am still using it for that purpose

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Re: Need help with Very hard difficulty...

Post by Defenestar » Wed Sep 14, 2016 4:07 pm

Yeah, that Plasmoid power is really good against smaller, softer targets. Personally, I like to swap it out once I get missile storm, because the multiple hits means that it can both dislodge and kill a number of civilians from masses of buildings.

I mostly play on Hard, rather than Very Hard, but here's some stuff that I tend to make part of my strategy:

Take out firehalls, emergency centers, and hospitals first. These hit morale harder then most other buildings.

Near as I can tell, cities have a chance to surrender as soon as the morale meter drops to 40, and they check against that chance every time you break something, be it mobile unit or building. Since a damaged building counts the same as an intact one for purposes of city damage percentage, a low-intensity attack that sets the civilians fleeing so that you can smash them is better for forcing a surrender than a high-intensity attack tha pulverizes the city block. That said, feel free to pulverize city blocks. A city conquered sooner may well give more total money than a city taken later but more carefully. Notably, morale losses from civilian kills do not stick to a city after you leave, this encourages taking cities faster.

Take Dubai as soon as possible. The shape of the city map means hat your kaiju will usually be in easy reach of a map edge if things get hairy, and it has a lot of big money buildings to crack open. It's also exceptionally wealthy for a city at its tier, and has lots of high morale value buildings to break, making it easier to force a surrender.

Tech Climb! Each kaiju has a few game-changing powers that drastically boost their survivability, fuel efficiency, or destructive power. Know them, love them, and get to them as soon as possible. Ginormasaurus, for example, grows noticeably mightier with each reactor upgrade and gets massively harder to kill once you have the energy absorber. I'm also very fond of the turbo-blasters, which let The Great Machine shred battleships without being shelled in to oblivion himself.

Consider Satellites. Propaganda sats seem to be the best ones, if you ask me. I'm not using them on my current run, but combining the resistance hits with the occasional demand for surrender from a coms dish can get you some cities completely intact, and substantially speed up the time line for your conquest.

Kill Hunter Fleets. The second one of those bastards shows up in your ocean, sink it. If it doesn't find your island, the invasions don't start until Year 5.

Intercept Invasion Fleets. If your kaiju is at home at month-end, you can attack the invaders before they reach you. This can let you delay spending on turret defenses, and allow you to get higher tier training facilities faster. you can buy the guns after your kaiju has matured in to an apocalyptic supermonster.

Know your tech tree. Specifically, know that you don't need to currently own a building for it to fulfill a prerequisite. This means that you can sell an old training facility the second you no longer need to train in it, and bank the money that would otherwise go to upkeep to save up for the next one.

Big Guns. The KDF will eventually send their own kaiju and superweapons to your island. Be ready to fight a supertank or Ultrasan on your home turf, and get your kaiju the hell away from your cluster of buildings if they send a Guardian. That monster's area of effect attack can devastate your base, and you want it to go off where it's only hitting your kaiju. A well-placed Annihilator Ray or two can mess an invading kaiju up. Also consider putting some walls up to protect expensive structures.

Also have fun out there.

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