Incident at Avalon

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Post by Querente » Tue Apr 03, 2007 9:34 am

They are bio-engineerd mutated Dolphins! The only other race that has fur, are the Liir (even if they do not like it, but if you read the background you can see that they do) and it seems the Zuul have psychic powers as well (just like the Liir), they have a short name 'Zuul', just like the Liir.

Or they can be bio-engineered human monkey babboons!

No, no, they are a cross-breed between all the races! Human knowledge/background, Hiver rippers and claws, Liir telepathy/fur and Tarkas decadence!

Well, this is one of the results from spending an evening on X-fire :)

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Post by Les » Fri May 18, 2007 10:57 pm

It makes so much sense now.

The ones we've seen killed outright by the Zuul so far have been military or devout members of a rigidly structured religion, people one might reasonably expect to have a higher degree of mental discipline than the average. Rather than deal with such potentialy fractious slaves they instead dispatched them, and chose the messiest means available to do so as well.

The Crucifixion on Ko'Grappa, the choice of words when taunting Cai Rui. These were all deliberate attempts at disturbing and horrifying potential victems to weaken their resolve and make it easier to break their will. That's probably what happened to the Bishop on Ko'Grappa. He got one good look at what happened to the Deacon, his faith frayed just a bit at the edges, then the Zuul went, "Ooooh, Free-Will. *Yoink!*"

I wonder, which is more shudder-inducing... Barbarity from Barbarians, or Barbarity from those who simply consider it a useful expediant?

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