[] Couple typos, framerate issues

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[] Couple typos, framerate issues

Post by Defenestar » Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:19 pm

So I'm doing that thing that I do when I run in to crashes once one kaiju's hit the high tiers. I start another run with a different monster. A couple things:

Typo in Durability popup. 'arored'

Typos in GOOP bomb. Should be 'GOOPballs' and 'fires'.

Hanging out at the island, spending time clearing brush and kitting out the Goop with T-4 powers several months in a row without attacking anything, and the framerate seems to be growing gradually worse. I haven't got anything running to measure it or anything, but I have been watching the jumps made by the shadowed area on the world map growing larger. Framerate perked right up again once I got in to a fight with a patrol, and then tanked again once the violence was over.

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