Time for Grey GOOP Typo Roundup

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Time for Grey GOOP Typo Roundup

Post by Defenestar » Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:44 pm

Mister Gill's note on Wellington should use the word 'including', not 'include'.

Mister Gill claimed that new kaiju powers became available when my first fusion plant completed. Has he been at Berkenstock's stash?

'Precious' spelled weirdly in Malcolm's description of the Durability power. Can probably drop that comma in the last sentance, too.

Explosive GOOP description, 'targets' should be 'target's'.

Edit: Artillery power description claims that it gets 100m of shots. This seems wrong.

Edit: Super Tank news thingy should be using 'its' in both spots instead of 'it's', and 'whose' instead of 'who's'

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