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Goop Suggestiobservations

Post by Defenestar » Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:41 pm

I've been noting down observations about the new kaiju as I play. A couple of these are definitely bugs, but they're probably already on the to-fix list.

Starter power The GOOP seems to be significantly better than Splat, as the former has a shorter animation, lower cooldown, and comparable destructive power. If Splat kicked out DoT waves, like Gord's chain-of-explosion powers? That'd be awesome.

Attack powers take the damage hit from Dispersal, but do not appear to gain the bonus damage from Dismantlers. I think they should be affected by both or neither, but that's me.

Viral Goop observed leaping to attack a tree.

Goopling power description incomplete. I'm kinda hoping to find one later that sends all my goopballs in to a murderous frenzy for a limited time, then either turns them back in to health pickups or calls them back to the monster to be eaten.

Barrage seems to have real trouble generating enough health pickups to pay for itself.

Explosive Goop's description appears to be in disagreement with Gill's description of it, and Gill looks to be right, with no goop pickups left after the thing does. Also, units under the effect that are killed by other things do not seem to blow up properly. This is kind of a problem, as the attack's DoT effect is reduced by armour, and that makes actually getting things like tanks to blow up quite difficult. Which is really too bad, because they've got a high enough base health to make blowing them up quite effective.

Wearing the Grave Goop skin affects what the kaiju looks like when it copies the other monsters, and that makes me happy. Reconstruction of the Grave Goop displays a blank rectangle, though.

That Shock Glare doesn't track on your chosen target while it fires makes it less useful, as does its inability to hit aircraft. Wide Glare's pretty spectacular, though.

Dr. Mal doesn't seem to be able to build any +healing things on her island to help her monster recover from combat. My suggestion would be auxiliary nanite generation vats that each applied a fixed number of hitpoints to the kaiju when it got home from an outing. Maybe with them having a limited rate of hitpoint generation, so that one couldn't just step out the door and then cancel the attack to game the system.

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