Goopling behavior suggestion

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Goopling behavior suggestion

Post by Defenestar » Sun Feb 19, 2017 12:29 am

Having observed Gooplings in combat a bit, I would like to suggest that they have a last-priority task on their to-do list that sends them scampering over to within a couple blocks of Grey GOOP. This would avoid stuff like having them run after a bomber and end up way the hell outside of the combat map and getting stuck there with a confused look on their eyeball 'coz there's nothing handy for them to shoot at. Or those times in base combat where GOOP is over on one side smashing the hell out of something, and the gooplings are sitting where they spawned, scared and lonely and grappling with existential dread when they could be doing something meaningful with their lives. Like trying to eat a missile cruiser.

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