Putting Things Right...

Talk about all things to do with the sequel to our flagship 4X title.

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by Jakegamer1 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:23 am

Thanks Mecron! Looking forward to see what the game is like in the next month. I'm already having a hard time pulling myself from it even at its currently buggy nature. I have complete faith that this will be made right. By that same token hopefully ya'll will be able to relax sometime in the near future. I have to say if you need any help or anything just ask. I know there are plenty of us here, myself included, willing to offer whatever services we can towards this project.

I also admire you taking the brunt of this awful storm on yourself.

I look forward to seeing the completed game whenever it is finished. Good luck! :D Thank you Mecron and Kerberos!

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by LaDoncella » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:27 am

Thank you, Mecron.

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by Hero_Swe » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:27 am

Well. I'm not gonna refund it. I know the support you guys put in for SOTS2 and I won't even be disappointed if it doesn't recieve the same treatment. However.

I do however would love a copy of SOTS1, I broke my bank on buying SOTS 2 and I was going to buy SOTS1 Complete collection for my girlfriend (5 euro's. Forgive my language but fucking awesome price) But then I had miscalculated and I could only afford SOTS 2. My girlfriend gave me the go-ahead to buy it and I am quite sad that I cannot play either SOTS1 with her or enjoy SOTS 2 with her presence.

This might be overly bold. But it's worth a shot. After all. Kerberos is probrably the single best dev out there with an amazing history of games.

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by Tiny Turtle » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:32 am

I can only imagine how hard it was to write that, so thank you for that.

I've been very upset - very angry even over the last couple of days, arguing and debating and venting here and on Paradox over the whole situation, all the while hoping for something like this - and being told it wouldn't happen. But it did. You owned up to it, you admitted your mistakes, and I happily can say that my request for a refund has been cancelled. I believe in you guys and I believe in SOTS2. With all this drama now hopefully resolved, I'm excited to see how the game evolves. I'm rooting for you guys.

Good luck dudes. :)

(p.s. feel free to make hivers imbalanced and overpowered that'd be swell thanks)

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by Khepera » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:37 am

I think it's really great that anyone from Kerberos is taking the time to continue this kind of interaction with us right now - even if it means that patches/updates will be out slower. :) (though I have faith that Kerberos can do both). I was, am, dissappointed at the state of SoTS 2 at release; however, I've played enough this weekend to see the gem lying just under the surface. I don't regret my purchase - I know KP will do right by it. Stand strong Kerberos!

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by Mishrack » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:42 am

This goes some way towards difusing my rage at all of this, thank you. However, I will say that I reckon a lot of all this vitriol and chaos you mention could have been avoided or at least toned down, had we gotten this post on friday rather than at this late point.

Thank you nonetheless.

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by Xmasbeer » Mon Oct 31, 2011 1:44 am

Mecron wrote: If you are a Kerberos and/or a SotS fan then please just enjoy the game as you can over the next few weeks. I know you want to help as much as possible but to be honest you should NOT be rewarded for your support with more work. Your feedback is appreciated but in no means are you expected to act as testers or hunt bugs. Literally your patience and continued support is more than enough.

Oh no. With this release you have converted me from a customer to an investor. As an investor I will do my part to protect my interests (seeing this game being successful). If this means that I will submit bugs or point out missing details in order to help the game achieve success, I will do it.

I missed the sign up date for the closest beta, don't you dare taking away a possibility to contribute as a tester now. ;)

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by TurielD » Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:16 am

Mecron wrote:GP...thats a good question and I really appreciate how it was asked. For my sake of mind I would like you to wait a week or so if you really feel the need to have it. Otherwise if you can await the all clear signal then that might be best for your satisfaction rating.

Turiel, Tundra and apprentice....Sorry, there is no "judging" going on here, only progress. Whole pages and pages of judging has come and gone. You are smart people. You saw the posts leading up. You can imagine people working frantically to make sure things were there and then watching things break. You have seen my post about having to keep some things back and you can see the time stamp on it. You have my explanation of who chose stability over feature and then saw that stability blown to pieces by everything that could go wrong going wrong over 24 hours. The ratios of what caused this are at the start of my post, and others have given you their insights. NO ONE is lying and everyong from Paradox to Arinn to myself have given you insights above and beyond the corporate recomended detail level you get from publishers charging you 50% more for gameplay hours you can count on one hand.

You have my regrets. my responsibility and you have my promise that things will be fixed.

Everything else is drama and there is no time for that right now at least from us.

And to the rest of you, thank you for the kind words...they are worth more right now than any "money grab" could hope to achieve.

Yes, judged harshly - which you have weathered surprisingly well given just how aggressive I and some others were. It's very encouraging to see you take that and still respond respectfully outside of that thread, and gratifying.

The request for the exact kind of info on what went wrong was pretty much the kind of thing you told Will the Great just now - cause frankly the level of explanation of the situation was on a 'the dog ate my homework' kind of level. Statements like 'putting back in' features that are now absent are fantastic to hear though, and certainly restore hope - and there are a lot of people out there who it would go a long way towards mollifying if there was some kind of detail on what sort of thing doesn't work now that had things gone better would have worked on release. The things that are likely to be working soonest I would imagine. I don't want to press on this point though, you're right you've given more information than we might expect from some of the scum in the games dev industry, and you do have better things to do than try to communicate how things went wrong - like making things right :D

Just please understand that it will help you from a PR standpoint to get just as much information as possible out there, it was misinformation and half-communicated things like 'oh it's an old beta build' that got people's hopes up and then angrier than before when it turned out the real release wasn't that huge an improvement.

Get someone who isn't you to do that though, PR and community relations are specialist subjects for a reason! You're more important as a dev than as a forum warrior :)

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by bmac4417 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:19 am

All of us old SotS players are with you Mec.

I can't wait to see SotS][ get fixed up and see all the goodies you're going to be putting into it. Just like the original, ][ is going to be far better at the end than at the beginning. :thumbsup:

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by Carl » Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:31 am

@Mecron: Not allways apprecciated your style in several posts i've seen, and sadly due to IRL issues my planned pre-order never happened so i haven't experianced the issues everyone has as i don;t own it yet. But as a customer who has it on his wishlist i want to say i fuly appreciatte the apology. Equally i'm left with the impreshion that muich of what happened was down to a combination of trying to squeze too much in in too littile time and underestimating the required time due to, (as you put it), wishful thinking. Equally this then became magified by as you put it a perfect storm of factors that resulted in a beta build, then a release buld made CTD'y via a last minute bug fix that broke somthing, going out. Thus i appreciatte you holding your hand up and saying "this is my fualt".

But at the same time IMHO, your being too hard on yourself. Even if we assume for a moment you delibretly sent them a bad build underestimated completion time/cost e.t.c. the publisher has the final say on publish or not. If my understanding about the non-CTD'ing release candidate you had is accurrate, then they had a responsability to their customers to stop, say, "this isn't good enough to release" and get somthing hashed out till it's more passabble, (from a business PoV exopecting them to get you to perfect it would be too much i acknowlage). AT absolute worst, they still have to take half the blame here for agreeing to put out a game that was ultimatly not quite ready for release, (what i've heard about the non-CTD stuff seems to indacte a fair range of big issues, but not a totally unfinished game, ala Might and Magic IX for example).

That said i understand also why your saying this. Whilst i don;t have anything so serious to apply it to, i've tended to take a similar approach to certain things at various times and places. No mater how much somone else screwed up, even if the did so to the point of making my responsabilities impossibble to fuffil i allways took the failure as a personol failure. That i had to do better. Only in very extreme cases would i step away from that.

Again thank you though for this Mecron, just don't all go making yourselves i'll overdoing it, it may be your job to make games, but overdoing it like that is of no help to anyone, and from my own perspective on thsi, "it's just a game, not the end of the world and all human life as we know it".

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by Delta_V » Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:34 am

Thanks Mecron and best wishes to you and everyone and Kerberos. I've been playing since Sots Prime was released and I've seen the level of commitment you guys (and gals) put into your games and I have full faith Sots ][ will be everything it was intended to be.

I know right now, the game has some bugs and is incomplete but....holy shiznit.....this game is AMAZING and this is the 4x that I've been wishing someone would make since I first played Space Empires II many years ago.

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by PassionFruit » Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:41 am

I've been lulling around the Paradox forums doing my part for the bug hunting and, I must say, I applaud the statement here. I was very miffed at the start, but my anger subsided and, truthfully, it was due to things like this. What made me decide on keeping the game was, not only is the concept very rad and the features will be amazing, but the company was willing to give a refund. Odd how that works, huh? I have a way out and it makes me want to stay in. Regardless, I am new to SOTS and I started here with my Pre-order of two. I was angry, was, but no longer, I am willing to wait it out and help out to make this game how it should be.

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by talos » Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:51 am

Hey Mec its me Talos here and like my fellow Sots brothers and sisters I was and am hype uped aboust Sots II when it came out and was dismayed when it was not perfect because it did not turn out perfect as we expected (So goes the plan of mice and men :cry: ) Since I didn't buy Sots II yet (Waiting for my vacation to start in the last week of November ;) I wasn't as done in as some of my fellow Sots players, actually too me until I get around to buying it the release date has not happen yet :!: , I am confident that in the coming weeks and months everything will turn out right once the little pesky software bug a boos are all rounded up and eliminated once and for all :thumbsup:
Just remember Shit happens in the real world and in the world of software :) and at least you were not raped and shot like the Star trek online owners, those fans of that game were brutal to say the least :!: :!:

Stay cool 8) We are with you.

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by Will the Great » Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:52 am

In the meantime, here's some nice, soothing music to calm everybody down:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi1M747I ... re=related

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Re: Putting Things Right...

Post by vahnn » Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:05 am

Toasting in epic bread... ;)

Thanks, Mecron. Here's to progress!
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