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RE: need advise.

Post by GantradiseDracos » Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:48 pm

Richard Valewyn here.
Governor of The Dagallia system (a nice little place on the outskirts of Confederacy{long story..} territory. plenty of living space, have functional civilian and research stations and basic orbital shipyard facility's. all species welcome. zuul MAY want to give visiting us a miss, our automated orbital defenses are currently set to 'Paranoid' IFF settings for your ships. no offense)
{and to my friends back in deep-space, [encrypted datastream].}
*edit* Safron insisted i add that all species includes non-carbons as well. {obviously}
I would appreciate advise. after that unfortunate tussle with an unusually large slaver fleet, the researchers on the science station my living quarters are situated on (mostly morrigi, a handful of us dustlings) have been paying MUCH more attention to me, and one of them, she insists i call her Ceridwen, has shown interest in my work with antiparticle generation and containment on a small scale, with potential battlefield applications.{he means the morrigi here are treating him with some respect} i am attempting to develop a sentient-portable antiparticle "cutting beam", but i think Ive hit a brick wall with stream coherency at range. i have a working prototype im thinking of mounting{mounted shortly before the attack" on an old exoskeletal suit i developed back in the day for emergency S&R {read "wet"} work. in its current state, it'd be perfect for search and rescue after combat. give it a few seconds and it can penetrate DN armor {or the body of a zuul female, with armor}.at point black (about .5 of an old solarian foot)range. buut sever power-supply issues, plus the need for an antiparticle source have proven..problematic. and i am..nervous at the through of putting an antimatter power unit on a power-suit. anyhow, lady Ceridwen arranged for us to have lunch*backspace* discuss my work over a light meal, and frankly, i was somewhat nervous about turning her down, no matter what bla-{ck} my former employer claimed about my psi resistance test results.
anyone know any good papers on the subject/morrigi gravatics{Try Gravatics For Dustlings (rough translation). no kidding, real book.}/ai-drone tech {you "COULD" just ask your 'son', you know?} i could read up on? ill admit Ive been a little caught up in my work, both academic (i MAY have made a breakthrough in Antimatter containment unit miniaturization) and bureaucratic the last few years{not to mention that unfortunate assassination attempt a few months back,and our little tussle with the slavers.}, and i haven't coded an AI since that unfortunate incident back in sol. {did i ever thank you for taking me with you?}

P.S: Safron, please stop editing my messages after i send them. do you want me to revoke your access to the stations data-net?{bully}
P.P.S: and yes Ceridwen, until they repair the breach{you mean completely replace the module} in your quarters, your free to stay here. ill just sleep in lab 5. and the youngling is fine. coping surprisingly well with what happened. sticks to me like a burr. let me know if you have any luck tracking down his Kin.planet-side i mean.{i took the liberty of requisitioning some furniture for you. you're welcome. just keep your data-probes out of my core.}
My forum name is a grammer flubb. it should read Gantradies Dracos.
ME: ok, ive been listening to you guys for the last 3 minutes. question: what is the difference between a stack overflow and underflow,anyway? Adam: *beat*ok.Imagine you have a cat. If you were to feed the cat so much food that it explodes, that's a stack overflow. A stack underflow is where you try to take food out of the cat, and keep taking food out, until you take the cat out of itself.

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Re: RE: need advise.

Post by Sayeth » Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:02 am

To stay in role, as an active Morrigi-in-duty of the Searing claw clan I must emphasize the fact that our women will not invite a dustling to a dinner unless he or she is on an equal intelectual level as she is (in the same way you humans wouldn't invite a dog to a dinner just because you like him). If you managed to get an invitation from her, you shall just stick to what you know and listen to what she knows best. In fact, it is quite worrying that you think you need to prepare for such an occassion if what you state is true and your discovery has any significant value to the Confederation.
So, little dustling, one last advice. Try not to upset her or to be too open about anything personal related to your or our species and you shall survive. Hopefully. :twisted:

Sincerely Sayeth of the Searing claw
"Life doesn't exist anywhere but Earth?"
That's like taking a cup of ocean water and saying there aren't any whales in the ocean.

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