Can you force Sub-Light-Speed travel?

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Re: Can you force Sub-Light-Speed travel?

Post by BlueTemplar » Sat Mar 12, 2016 11:10 am

Otherwise, you might try making a single giant defensive fleets full of cheap, gatespace-consuming ships (probably CR), and fake-move it when you need to fill up gate capacity.
Though even if you choose very cheap designs, the maintenance cost of that fleet might still be high...

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Re: Can you force Sub-Light-Speed travel?

Post by fredNN » Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:32 pm

Like you, I play mostly Hiver. I learned some things about this game:

-- Attention, spoiler - do not select, if you like game your way --

> I have just made hostile contact with humans and tarka
All first contacts are hostile, some just do not end with shooting. But after that you can start give AI players each turn small money (like 1000 units) and try to not attack them and after some time some AI will not be hostile any more. Try get NAP and this will made even less fighting --> even better relations, and will allow you to help them fight their enemy --> Alliance easy possible.
I do not do that any more - game become too easy.

> This will tend to strain my gate capacity on almost every turn sending out defense fleets to ward off multiple attacks on my colonies.
One AI will continue attacking one-two world, until world is destroyed, or you disrupt its ship-collection route for attack that world. Just leave good fleet there and sometimes replace lost ships. Two bonus: lots of added resurces for that planet, and possible new tech from Special projects.
Other solution is you start using DN too, because DN need only 12 gate-points, or DD (1 gate-point) if you have good armor or AI has weakness like bad armor or reflective, or is not using accurate gun or using only HCL-based DN.

> if I am successful in taking a majority of the core worlds. I will naturally become the focus of attention for every race on the map
Not sure. Try diplomacy and some AI will become allies. Just leave some planets for them to colonize, so they can expand. Try to not ally with races that have hab close to your race, because then you compete for same worlds.

With Hiver gate network EVERY planet with gate is one turn away. So only your HW with 200 infrastructure is making warship production, and you drop every mined resources only there. This way late game HW will produce 1 full DN fleet (5-7 DN, 10+ CR) in one turn. I use 1-2 planet close to HW to produce most need small "support" ships: DD gateships, jammer+DeepScan DD, cheap DD guards for new gates, Tanker+DeepScan DD. So I deal with only 2-3 production centers even in huge universe. That is why I like Hiver so much. :love:

Huge spoiler: AI can not play against mines. Leap mines will kill every thing very easy. If AI has Phaser Point Defence and is not Liir, it will be just easy.

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Re: Can you force Sub-Light-Speed travel?

Post by Qwestyngbeast » Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:22 am

Thank you FredNN. That is some very useful information regarding Hivers and AI tactics. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge.

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