On the subject of Companions

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On the subject of Companions

Post by SoullessPhoenix » Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:25 pm

First off, let me just preface this with how much the diversity of a single Pit run can astound me. I love the gameplay, the mechanics, and as I was streaming a striker run last night (which I finally finished) :twisted: I managed to have an intelligent conversation with the chat about mechanics that I love and one that I think really needs some attention to in Pit 2.

My Striker got to floor 38 and found a treasure hunter, who wished to join and end the run with me, but at this point I had realized how "clunky" the movement system became when the companion became involved.

Companion will move on autopilot if no conflict is detected. This allows you to instantly tell whether you are under attack because of the separation of actions. Additionally, the companion benefits from the computer's Line of Sight, meaning that things which are off screen for you, can even be seen by the companion. This is GREAT.

Companions can reload their weapons ad infinitum. (infinite Photoufeki shots are a LOVELY thing)

They are a decent meat shield, most of the time...

You can drain their Psi/HP and use to farm warmind skill, making them a living battery
Companions with access to psi powers will not allow you to command they use them, or they use them incredibly sparingly.

Once a companion is heavily damaged, there is little to no way to have them heal themselves, making them more like suicide soldiers.

There is no simple command system, even a stay/follow command would increase the utility. (if I want to eat HE grenades, I want to make sure "I" eat the grenade, not my follower)

Finally, the system when you are controlling two characters seems a little clunky, but this I will probably let slide due to optimization issues so that multiple issues dont appear with interfering/extraneous coding. (why introduce a whole new system of movement for a hypothetical situation that may happen once in 10-15 runs)


Pit uses a very nice system as a tile based roguelike, taking turns slowly allows you to move then fire when you establish Line of Sight with the target. However, much like how Pit uses a system which allows you to pivot while holding ctrl and a movement key, would it be possible to throw in a back-up/alternate system which allows you to plan your whole movement turn in advance? (think fire emblem style direction and attack) One one turn I could select the main character command them to move straight forward 1 tile, then fire at target at x tile, while also commanding my follower to retreat 1 tile and fire at y tile. Neither of these actions would be performed until all movement tokens have been depleted, and then in the same instance both actions occur, ending my turn, and making it much simpler than clicking back and forth in confusion between the two controllable characters. Even so, it seems incredibly wasteful to create this much pathing/movement code for a single specific situation, which is why I think binding "alt" + player action could be a good possible solution, allowing the player to do this even with 1 character, but opening up a huge potential for fluid movement options, and allowing the player to familiarize with those movement controls. Thoughts?

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Re: On the subject of Companions

Post by BlueTemplar » Mon Mar 14, 2016 12:42 pm

While we're at it, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of control over Lich's summons :
It seems to be in opposition with how carefully you have to make you moves in the Pit,
and *especially* in Lich's case, with the micromanaging of your Psi/Health : draining the right enemies, at the right time, with the right weapon.
The summons just mess it up. And it's not like they're durable or strong enough!
(Though maybe it gets better with higher level summons?)
(Or I'm playing the Lich wrong??)

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Re: On the subject of Companions

Post by BlueTemplar » Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:10 am

The 3 weakest ones did provide significant help (on Normal) when I crafted them all 3 at once on the first levels with crafting benches. But at the cost of playing The Pit in "Rambo" mode...

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Re: On the subject of Companions

Post by LuckyLuckLuc » Thu Apr 14, 2016 4:20 pm

I think having direct control over a companion isn't a good idea in a roguelike. It gets very tedious managing them. The companions should probably all be like the lich summons, just not so terribly dumb.

Believe I've mentioned this before but the problem with the lich summons is that they make their moves at the same time as the enemy so often they are unable to attack anything. But a simple AI toggle would be great like mentioned above. Passive/defensive/aggressive stuff like that so that your zuul pup doesn't move up ahead, open a door and get itself (and maybe you) killed.
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