Realistic Combat/Ngun/Ttr (v1.1) SubMod for Bsots

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Realistic Combat/Ngun/Ttr (v1.1) SubMod for Bsots

Post by puglebugle » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:47 pm

Realistic Combat/ Naval Gunnery/ Tech Tree Revision SubMod v1.1 for Bastard Sword of the Stars (Standalone = Bsots Included)
For recent Changelog scroll down.

1. Download Link:
2. Unzip into "Sots Install Folder/mods"
3. Run with Mod Manager
4. For more detailed instructions: (Mod Manager download link)

Im going to try to explain as much as I can in form of Questions Answers. Please feel free to skip any "uninteresting questions".

Q: What is Bsots?
A: Bastard Sword of the Stars. Mod released relatively recently. Added many interesting things to Sots, upgraded, more organized tech tree, hi-res textures and skyboxes, rebalancing, reducing of micro, some logical-polishing things which add a lot to the game, and grand-campaign-style research speed. (early techs cost slightly more to research and better techs cost far more to research). I did not found some "features" documentation on this site but better try and play it.

Q:What is this Submod?
A: Well, I have modified most of the Bsots files and added some new things/ reworked old ones. I did not touched game economy (almost). This submod is completely about reworking combat and polishing Bsots content to fit to this new reworked combat.
It has 3 parts. Realistic Combat (well, Realistic as far as game-balance goes, and my understanding of today warfare goes, i think nobody can know how would look a real space combat in future). In short: weapons do a lot more damage (1,6 to 3,3 times Bsots theoretical Damage Per Second, yet its often 5 times as much per salvo), they have more range, more inaccuracy (beams do miss). Inaccuracy for all projectile weapons now scales with range linearly. It means that if weapon A has inaccuracy 5,5 at longest range it has 3,63 at medium (66% of max range) and 1,815 at low range (33%). This also means that ship to ship combat becomes more and more brutal if you close the range. Both for you and the enemy. This also makes many of the encounters very fast compared to original Bsots, but now its exactly to my taste.
It also get rid of some more tedious/sluggish parts of the game which i personally did not like. Dont worry its still possible to go "melee".
Now, turrets do have realistic turn values. This is very noticeable for Point Defense. Now if a missile (or torpedo, or drone...) get past PD, is also dependant on the angle the missile comes from. In short, missiles vs. point defense penetration is not linear (a missile may slip throught very strong PD and vice versa). Launching missiles from multiple directions at the same target has better chance of going past PD. What Im talking about is best seen in Von Neumann Mothership encounter vs Planetary Defense Missiles (VN has phaser PD). Simply said: enjoy physics.
Changed ship sections:
Now engine is always the weakest part (on destroyers for sure,,,armor hovewer gets stronger and stronger compared to other shipsections on bigger ships, as a bigger ship has less "engine" and more "weapons and armor" there.
To be exact:
All engines (except ramscoops): armor -70% (autonomous parts has been compensated(tarka hunters))
And now: (sorry for this but dont want to spend whole day writing this :D, so i just copypasted changes from my dev. changelog)
Cruiser hp down -30% hunter ship-antimat50% fusion-40% cruiscon 30k to 40k
Engine sections hp down -70% (do not stacks with cruiser and dred hp down)
Point defence and overthrusting!
DE CR point defence cost *0,7 liir pursuit *0,8
Tarkas, Zuul de pd spd+15
Zuul pursuit hp-10%
ALL CR ewar tac sensor range to 6.5k
ALL de deepscan tactical sensor range to 5.7k (zuul nerf tarka boost)
DN hp down - 40% DN
ARMOR hp +30 % (after) cost +30% cpoints +60% mass +30% spdrotspd-5 (renamed to armor)
Tarkas Flagship hp-25% (boost)
dredwarcon 125k to 325k IND_DNWarEng now req. for DN blazer and barrage (Assault command stays same)
dn ewar sensor 6k 7k to 8k dn flag sensor 9.3k to 10k
Projector sections (after) hp-30%
De war: hiver fine zuul war destroyer cost +30%
human liir morrigi hp+250 cost +25% cpoints+300
tarkas hp+200 cost +10% cpoints +300

As you can see i also slightly rebalanced sections so each race should have more viable strategical options....But dont worry I also reduced costs for DN,,,and actually reworked them...adjusted tech tree.. more on that,,,continue reading

Naval Gunnery I added new weapons, new options. I tried my best to document everything in tech tree strings.
What is not documented (no space to write). Are medium missile modifications. You can unlock them via research...And none of them is more powerful but each fits a specific role:
Long Range G (Greenhorn or Green) (+40% rng -20% dmg basic speed(significantly slower 135 vs 176)) 50% from nucwhd 100% hiver
Triple L (Triple Launched)(3 -10% rng -30% dmg rech 140(so slightly better vs recharge 150 as 3 missiles)) VRF 80%
HV (Hyper Velocity) (-10% rng +60% spd -15% dmg rech 55 cost+600) Overthrust 80%

Tech Tree Revision
I rebalanced techs a bit or completely reworked them. (to fit into this mod)
I reduced research speed of Fission era,,its now something in between of old Bsots 2.0 and newest Bsots 2.1
I removed some research prerequisites, to give more options. (notable ones are late fusion weapons which previously required antimatter)
I made Techs MORE sado-randomizer style.
While getting rid of 90 and 95% chances, i simply put them to 100% (becuase its just frustrating to not get that tech 1/20 games when maining 1 race, no value added to game). (there are still rare 90% chances to add flavour)
I....reduced racial specializations. Reason for this is pretty obvious...I dont want mostly same techs when playing 1 race again and again.
This should add a lot to the game. For example: Previously Liir has 90 95 % chances in energy weapons and under 60% in missiles and ballistics (when this stacks cumulativelly you practically got all energy weapons and no missiles or ballistics in a standart longer game, now its like 75%-66% to 66%)
Well,,now i tried my best to make technology chances logical while trying to give a different research options to ALL races every single game. While keeping true to game lore. (For example Liir have now great chances of getting EMP and disruptors,,,according to Lore they dont like violence so it makes sense.)

Racial Starting Weapons are Now (100% guaranteed starting weapons):
Humans, Tarkas: Spatial Cannons
Hiver, Liir: Puls Lasers
Morrigi, Zuul: Beamer

Techs progression scales now more linearly,,,wat i next tech level is often 2 or 4 times as much as previous tech level, less early game instant techs and mid game too expensive techs.
I removed much of old repetitive Fusion (where appropriate), Neutronium, Fusion, Plasma, Plasma, for example: old fusion cannon research is called Tritium Deuterium Enhancement, while its explained that it upgrades all your plasma weaponry to TDE plasma weaponry. (I mean i reworked many readable texts and names, but not only changed names, now TDE Plasma weaponry shares research with plasma it makes sense)
Which brings me: To some overhauls and Tech compression packs:
Notable changes:
Laser family tree get double barrels by researching more energy (Small scale fusion reactors, micro fusion devices, etc.)
Ballistic Tree now starts with Spatial Cannons, second tier is upgrade to gauss cannons. Gauss cannons do have more dps and are more accurate but spatial cannons do tend to have more range, are less accurate but also do have slightly better armor penetration and larger impact (explosive fuses).
Energy Cannons Tree: Antimatter cannons have nothing in common with plasma....they are now different weapons. Only way to get your plasma upgrades to AM era is by polarized research.
Well and that..and more...I tried my best to expand old tooltips on research as much as possible and to provide detailed info on what that technology does....because i believe that a leader should have all info available.

Dreadnought Info: I renamed Dreadnoughts to Battleships. Reason for this is that no other space faring race than humans could have called their ships Dreadnoughts beacause its old historical name from human history. While term Battleship is a very subjective term, I also do believe that Battleships work slightly differently in my mod than old DNs. I tried my best to balance DE CR BB to work like in a real fleet where different ship classes support each other. Simply spamming the biggest ship available should not be very good tactic in my mod (but still viable, because i want to give optiooooons) Btw Its a matter of renaming 5 strings in 1 text file so if you really really hate it i can release a small text file with old names together with next release of this submod.
Please note that while CR and BB are more armored they are also significantly bigger target for the enemy (easier to hit)...(thats a bad thing in this mod) So i balanced this by giving BB option to equip every single armor (because BB can NOT have shields, MARS engine thing, no way to mod this) (but only 1 advanced armor and not on engine section, thats always a weakspot). So in theory you can produce very expensive BB which could be almost impervious to most of enemy weapons fire. (but then, there are plasma, polarized plasma, high penetration weapons etc...)(to my knowledge stacking armor and advanced armor In my mod: for example: Reflective Armor does have 0.9 value,,,Advanced Reflective Armor 1.8 So equipping them Both would yield 2.7, i tested this and i believe it works)

1.1 Changelog:

*Added Autocannons.
*Starting industrial techs and Advanced genetic manipulation
are now unlocked from start, for faster early game and better AI.
*Stronger BB. Improved turret sizes of many Battleship sections (more firepower), or reduced build costs to compensate, or increased hitpoints or speed,
(notable: Blazer, War, Drone, Barrage). Some sections now require Projector research (for example: Hiver Assault Command section can now equip 1 projector mount).
*Increased research cost of Gauss driver.
*No more updates expected.

1.075 Changelog:
*Added Energy Lances (Warhammer 40k style).
*Minor fixes.

1.05 Changelog:
*Planetary Missiles (basic ones +7% ttl) heavy,mirvs +5%ttl (more range)
*Defense satellites cost and hp DE-10% CR -20% (DN as powerful and expensive as before) Rotation speed -50% (except deepscan), deepscan platform tactical sensor 1500/2200 to 4500
With reduced rotation speed weapons like heavy beams should be more useful on satellites. Main reason of HP reduction was autoresolve.
*Herald hp 12000 to 9000, weaker plasma burst (replaced cannon model did that fixed "flying cannon"? ripper gaus pd)
*Silicoid Swarmers weaker
*Slightly more chance for random encounters
**STATIONS hp command -30% science, trade, shipyard, sensor -40% (hiver, morrigi, tarkas sensor only -30%) habitat -20%
(mostly due to autoresolve, but non-combat stations had too much health anyway)
**Ship Yard cost +80% effectivity +50% (50% to 75%) Zuul slightly lower cost.
*Sensor Station Research 5k to 20k
*improve phaserpd trackspeed mod by 30%
*tde, crazor less research cost
*improved railgun a bit rld 32 to 28
*buff plasma spitter pd
*some other minor things which I forgot about

1.0 Changelog:
*Introduced Random Encounters
*Random encounters generally have 1/2 hp of Bsots, but they have as strong weapons as player (which is strong).
*Reflective and Deflective armors were re-distributed among encounters. No longer mayority of them have advanced reflective/reflective.
*Big and strong encounters often have various armors and hull reinforcements (Polarized plasma should be very effective. Plasma, or high armor penetration weapons should be effective).
*Grand Menaces should now have more clear counter. For example:
System Killer is even weaker vs mines, drones now (practically no dedicated Point defense, but he got stronger main beam weapon, reworked secondary weapons)
Puppet Master torpedoes can now be shot down (but he got...)
Peacekeeper got weaker disintegrator beam but now spray strong ballistic area-denial artillery (AM projector based), which could be countered by deflectives.
etc. etc. (I got no idea how would these encounters play...must play them first in game :D)
*Various Random encounters now got same weapons as player, or modified ones, its all written in weapon tooltip (battle report)
*Minimum Number of Systems for Grand Menaces and other strong encounter is 66 (from 80), they spawn later 165 (from 150 minimum turns)
*They are more Random now (because they are "RANDOM encounters"). Previously they were much about if you fought or were idle.
*Von neumann is less iritating, it collects resources much slower (spawn less often), but it also needs less resources to build (still more than in vanilla).
VN Construct should now be significantly weaker. (i believe still strong enough)
Basic VN now has different weapons.

*New Technologies:
*Kinetic Kill Missiles, Crystalline Razor

*Rebalance (technology costs are written in K or M) notable:(defensive options, slightly increased Gauss and Mass Driver research costs in general(not written below), BB available sooner)
PD (projectile) accuracy improved by 20% (and also volley dev)
Shields +15% (hitpoints)
Mini Gaus rico 0.8 med Gaus 1 to 0.9 (ap 1.8 )(and all derived weapons) Sniper has +0.1
Gaus and Massdrvr res up slightly (all and derived) Mass Sniper rico +0.1
Ap stormers (only did adjust medium stormer and its ap, nerfed)
Adv. Armors 250k to 200k
McroFus 210k to 175k
Reinforced Hull 225k to 200k
(Waldo tech 2 10k to 12.5k (want to see some early game rushes not an obligatory research))
NeutRnd 2M to 1.6M
Triple hvydrvr 1.1M to 0.7M
(Battleship Construction) DreadCon 300k to 150k
Battle Riders 125k to 150k
Arcology Construction 100k to 150k
Ultimate techs slightly down (quantumcap,energy absorbers, meson shield, grav shields etc.)
Advanced Drone Frames 200k to 170k
Drones 18k to 25k
Col (complex ordinance) 50k to 75k
*reduced turret hp for more turret popping (strafe turrets are now weak, but dont know if they can be destroyed)
*Fixed that Ai overused CIWS pd (most primitive one)
*slightly modified aitech priorities for races (some should do less fusion rush, tarkas should like cruisers,...)
*Drones:(faster now, basic ones significantly faster so should be harder to hit(still they are slower than in Bsots but now should be able to outrun some missiles))
Basic speed+50% rotspeed (maneuver) +20%
Bombers, Minelayers speed +20%
Heavy rotspeed (maneuver) +20% speed+20%
Small Scale Fusion Reactors spd +40% (from +50%)
*more commerce raiding odds (double the Bsots for players)
*mines (nuk am fus) +50% damage more radius more health
*particle cannons (fixed graphics, faster velocity) reload 22 to 18
*reduced reload on Grapple(disruptorgrapple)
*Planetary Missiles TTL-20% (Less Range)
*Projector Missiles now require Heavy Platforms
*Spinal Mounts Cost -30%
*Fus mines/Warheads now require Fusion (Am req. AntiMat)
*Ciws Pd (now weaker vs deflective), Gauss Pd (Good vs basic deflective)
*Data/Species SENSORMOD variation reduced by 50% (I put tacticalsensors to same for all species)(does it work? Not sure what it does....:D)
*Improved Meson Beam and Meson Projector
*Armored Torpedo Hp -100 (500 to 400)

*Minor polishing:
*Zuul,Hiver now 75% chance for Deathray, Liir 50%
*Icons, Content of Files, Splashscreen ...

Note that 1.00 should be compatible with 0.99 Beta saves. However, I recommend starting a new game. (You can get some old links in TechTree when loading 0.99 Beta)

P.S. Thanks to Alpha Centauri (Consultant), Okim (ACM)(Spatial Cannons, Particle Weapons, CTD, CRazor effects and Spatial Torpedo models.)
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Realistic Combat/Naval Gunnery/TechTree Revision SubMod (v1.1) for Bsots (mod for Sots 1)

Alpha Centauri

Re: Realistic Combat/Ngun/Ttr Beta Test for Bsots 2.1

Post by Alpha Centauri » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:08 pm

Huge congrats!

I can't wait to play :D

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Re: Realistic Combat/Ngun/Ttr Beta Test for Bsots 2.1

Post by puglebugle » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:33 am

Alpha Centauri wrote:Huge congrats!

I can't wait to play :D

Thanks :D, I hope that you find it to your liking.
Realistic Combat/Naval Gunnery/TechTree Revision SubMod (v1.1) for Bsots (mod for Sots 1)

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Re: Realistic Combat/Ngun/Ttr (v1.05) SubMod for Bsots

Post by Valerian » Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:42 pm

A bit late but I just added it to the Steam guide: ... =483178120

I'm going to try it right now :)

One little question, since your file is even bigger than BSOTS: does it already include it? You should specify it in your post.

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Re: Realistic Combat/Ngun/Ttr (v1.05) SubMod for Bsots

Post by puglebugle » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:44 am

Valerian wrote:A bit late but I just added it to the Steam guide: ... =483178120

I'm going to try it right now :)

One little question, since your file is even bigger than BSOTS: does it already include it? You should specify it in your post.

Ty a lot :D Yes it does, ty for tip.
Realistic Combat/Naval Gunnery/TechTree Revision SubMod (v1.1) for Bsots (mod for Sots 1)

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