AM-era small weapons

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AM-era small weapons

Post by Nereus » Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:18 am

Hi folks

I've been playing sots off and on for a few years now, only recently decided to get better at playing it rather than just gimping AI or stacking advantages towards myself in multiplayer.

One question I had was what are my best options for small weapon mounts on dreadnaughts for general combat? I realise different weapons are better suited for different situations, but since in my current game I'm being attacked by both hivers, tarka and humans I'm skeptical about trying to micromanage different fleet compositions if there's one that works well for all, if not most situations.

Currently I've been using Polarized Plasmatics for all of my small weapons, since I'm playing Liir and it's almost a guarantee I will be running into enemies with better armor than me, but I'm questioning their effectiveness. AM cannons and HAM cannons fill my medium and large guns.

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Re: AM-era small weapons

Post by Warcat » Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:28 pm

As Liir you shouldn't have many problems to research Pulse Phasers. They are the best small offensive weapons in SotS.
Polarized Plasmatics are somewhat a bit light: they are still a Fission era weapon and they can't stand PP, or even X-Ray laser, even against heavy armoured opponent, due to slower recharging rate, inaccuracy and reduced base damage.

I usually fill my DN's with PD weapons (mixed laser, interceptor and PD phasers, for multi-layer defence) and rely on medium, large and special mount turrets for damage pourposes.

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