soul crush

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soul crush

Post by tehtscho » Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:47 pm

well dont really think the hp and psi hunger is well balanced. if you dont want to change the draining rates here is another suggestion:

Soul Crush could add a buff on you that prevents hp loss for a fixed (or whatever) duration, if you killed something with it.
The interesting thing about it is ,that you still have to struggle if you use it on critters for the buff or wait a little longer for an enemy where you benefit more (harder enemies or for crystals). It would also be very easy to adjust with the duration time.
I even have an idea how to logically explain it: when you Soul Crush an enemy you let the dead body deteriorate instead of your own. your mind still suffers.

When the duration changes with the necro tech skill, people would be forced to throw more of their few skillpoints away!

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