(NorthStar is Kerberos Production’s third in-house IP, currently in early pre-production)

By 2020 it had become clear that mankind wasn’t going out with a bang, but with a boring whimper – then the Bagh Jorkel (Bah Yor-khel) arrived. A cold weather race from the stars, quickly nicknamed “Badgers” by their surprised Terran hosts, the Bagh Jorkel were traders looking for a new outpost and new markets when they found Earth.

Set in a universe where the nations of Earth have earned the technology to travel between the stars by cooperating with the cold-weather alien race, various cultural/national factions have laid claim to their areas of the galaxy, which the player must interact while exploring new worlds.

Players take command of their small, but capable trading ship, plus its diverse crew, and travel from planet to planet, picking up various mission-based jobs to move whatever anyone wants moved; cargo, livestock and travelers, players will move it all. But it’s not like delivering the mail – Players will spend as much time exploring and fighting off the ship as they do on it!

Depending on the job, depending on the cargo, players will have to try and avoid trouble with the law of whatever territory they are in, as well as those operating outside the law. Getting out of trouble when it finds them, all the while maintaining and upgrading their ship and reputation in the known galaxy, visiting a variety of worlds, and exploring the planets of numerous frontier star systems, is the name of the game.

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