The Pit - Infinity v1.2.1.8893

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The Pit - Infinity v1.2.1.8893

Post by castewarkp » Wed Jun 30, 2021 8:35 pm

The Pit - Infinity v1.2.1.8893

- Game option to disable periodic spawning of hall monsters.
- Stackable items (e.g. Med Patches) display total count in inventory, and behave as grenades do in the quick/hot bar.
- Quick/hot bar given a memory, so empty slots can be auto-populated when picking up items previously in the slots.

- Event Log on HUD would sometimes become permanently hidden.
- Improved effectiveness of rocket launcher.
- Improved effectiveness of Cyberjaeger Bear plasma attacks.
- Zuul Lord "standing still" during final battle has been addressed.
- Text for airlocks on final floor no longer say "Going up/down to Floor 20".

- Explosion effect for explosive ammo have been toned down from Way Too Big to Much More Reasonable.

Sorta Fixed / WIP:
- To address the "infinite loading bug", if loading takes too long (45 seconds), the user is able to force continuing with the game. (Diagnostic file generated.)
- Plugged hole in hallway floor caused by some random floor layouts. (Diagnostic file generated.)
Please send these diagnostic files to us if possible, as it will help us determine exactly what the issue is so we can crush it.

We will continue to update PI, though less frequently than the first year the game came out. Keep sharing the word on PI, letting people know about it and when it's on sale (like right now), as the lifetime of a game is directly related to people's continued interest in it.

Have a great long weekend everybody!

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