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SotS2 Update Superlist

Post by castewarkp » Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:22 am

Critical Fixes
- Fixed end of turn game freeze

Other Fixes
- Fixed case where "Random System" used as system name
- Fixed case where AI would prefer initial ship designs
- Fixed protectorate treaties adding to player support costs
- Fixed economy value in empire manager not showing correct value

Other changes and additions:
- AI will now retreat fleets that are badly damaged in combat

Critical Fixes:
- Fixed combat CTD with Suulka
- Fixed Loa AI pathing slowdown
- Fixed AI not entering combat with swarmers

Other Fixes:
- Fixed some treaty dialogs not filling strings in correctly

Patchnotes 2.0.24917.3
Critical Fixes:
- Fixed return Suulka CTD

Other Fixes:
- Fixed Hivers not being able to dissolve gate fleets
- Help prevent AI from causing their own economic collapse

Possible Fixes (could not repro them, but fixed areas that may have cause the issue):
- Fixed relocate fleet CTD
- Fixed end turn CTD due to sorting

Critical Fixes
- Fixed CTD when closing game while in combat
- Fixed AI not fighting for clients in MP
- Fixed CTD caused by neutron star
- Fixed CTD when AI builds fleets
- Fixed CTD from completing Neutron Star special project
- Fixed CTD from canceling construction mission
- Fixed CTD when opening station manager
- Fixed CTD when opening station manager when station is on a gardener
- Fixed CTD when Suul'ka hits SK or station with tentacles
- Fixed CTD on profile saving caused by Anti-Virus programs
- AI tuning
- fixed AI not fighting for clients in MP
- Fixed CTD caused by neutron star

Other Fixes
- Fixed Zuul slaves causing overpopulation morale hits
- Add moral event for opening / closing a system
- Fixed loa converting gardener into cubes
- Fixed locust not killing planet
- Neutron star now gives off better warning when you have systems in its gravitational range
- Fixed AI difficulty not being saved
- Fixed Loa pathing
- Display turret arcs when mouse hovers over a weapon
- Fixed AI ships from stopping when a ship in its formation loses its engine
- Fixed design screen drop down list from cutting off section display names
- Fixed weapons with special effects from activating during launch
- Fixed movement psionic from teleporting on top of other ships
- Changed camera zoom in weapon test to make turret arcs easier to see
- Fixed Zuul slaves causing overpopulation morale hits
- Fixed zuul pathing
- Fixed loa nodelines visible
- Fixed locust not killing planet

Other changes and additions:
- Auto resolve combats will now be run last in SinglePlayer (when no manual combats in that system)
- Fleet info now colors endurance value. Green when in support range, red when outside
- Mousing over weapon group in design test now shows weapon coverage
- Auto resolve combats will now be run last in SinglePlayer (when no manual combats in that system)
- Disabled query logging in SP


Critical fixes:
- Fixed reserve transfer / relocation CTD.

Critical fixes:
- Fixed scrap station CTD.
- Fixed end turn CTD from System Killer destroying system.
- Fixed not able to rebase fleet after mission.
- Fixed CTD on end turn when doing a salvage project.
- Fixed reserve transfer CTD.

Other fixes:
- AI tuning
- Fixed Zuul and Liir immersion carriers not launching riders.
- Implemented pre-combat autosave toggle.
- Various changes to Russian and French localization strings.


Unread postby ddub » 29 Jan 2013 12:10 pm
cont from:
Critical Fixes:
- Fixed CTD when destroying under construction station
- Fixed intercept missions


Critical fixes:
- Fixed end turn CTD
- Fixed combat CTD
- Fixed CTD when System Killer destroys a planet
- Fixed gem worlds being capped at 2 billion civilians
- Fixed node line factions slow boating when retreating from a system

Other fixes:
- Prevent AI from invading or striking a system with no enemies present
- Fixed systems not able to support fleets when the cruiser equivalents were the exact same as the max support limits

Critical fixes:
- Notable turn time optimizations

Other fixes:
- Loa AI now work like the other races
- Prevent return missions when relocating
- Players can select any language in launcher Options now.

Critical fixes:
- Some Optimization to turn times
- Fixed combat CTD
- Fixed Loa AI not expanding


Critical fixes:
- Some Optimization to screen transitions
- Fixed end turn CTD

Critical fixes:
- AI decision-making tuned.
- Fixed an end turn CTD
- UI now handles its memory much better
- Fixed CTD caused by crit hits list
- Fixed CTD on completion of reserves transfer
- Fixed a combat CTD

Other fixes:
- Fixed Liir_Zuul battle cruiser not launching assault shuttles
- Fixed Liir getting battle cruiser sections on cruisers
- Fixed database handling of unicode characters
- Fixed not getting research project for super novas
- Fixed issue where ship toolip would not show up in starmap
- Fixed frequency of supernovas
- Fixed node cannons not firing when moving
- Fixed subverted drones attacking friendly ships after docking
- Fixed swarm queen not firing
- Fixed group list not showing up when using the number group select in combat
- Fixed new fleets not being able to deploy on the turn they were created

Other changes and additions:
- Loa fleets now presented with an option to slowboat when deploying missions
- Can now deploy fleets on missions that are returning home or patrolling
- Can now order planets in planet manager
- Selecting a fleet from the fleet list while in the starmap now dulls out stars outside of that fleet's range
- Many strings exposed for localization
- Can now cycle systems in the build screen

Known issues:
- Old Savegames will continue to use old AI algorithms.
- Turn times may be slightly longer as we continue to optimize new AI algorithms.


Critical fixes:
- Fixed CTD caused by crit hits list
- Fixed CTD on completion of reserves transfer
- Fixed a combat CTD
- Fixed crash related to fleet-widgets (reserve relocate)
- Fixed an end turn CTD
- UI now handles its memory much better
- AI decision-making tuned.

Other fixes:
- Fixed lists not updating pre-defined children
- Fixed subverted drones attacking friendly ships after docking
- Many strings exposed for localization
- AI now use ships in reserve before building new ones
- AI will properly build battleriders
- AI will properly relocate fleets when required
- Improved transition time to starmap
- Fixed Liir_Zuul battle cruiser not launching assault shuttles
- Fixed Liir getting battle cruiser sections on cruisers
- Fixed database handling of unicode characters
- Fixed not getting research project for super novas
- Fixed issue where ship toolip would not show up in starmap
- Fixed frequency of supernovas
- Fixed node cannons not firing when moving

Other changes and additions:
- Exposed combat strings to localization
- Improve AI behaviours
- Fixed some strings / localization issues
- Loa fleets now presented with an option to slowboat when deploying missions
- Can now deploy fleets on missions that are current returning home or patroling
- Can now order planets in planet manager
- Selecting a fleet from the fleetlist while in the starmap now dulls out stars outside of that fleet's range

Known issues:
- AI does not relocate
- AI may not properly use battleriders
- AI will not build new fleets from reserve ships (it will replenish fleets with missing ships)

Critical fixes:
- Fixed combat CTD.
- Fixed destroyed system CTD.
- Fixed CTD in build screen.
- Fixed Loa CTD when doing NPG gate mission from destroyed planet.

Other fixes:
- Fixed able to set missile to PD.
- Fixed selected groups ignoring combat planes to which they are set.
- Fixed "stop" speech event.
- Fixed "defeated pirate base" being spammed 3x when it is defeated.
- Fixed AI colonizing hostile systems.
- Fixed case where AI would have a fleet with no command ship.
- Fixed issue that would cause too many locust scouts.
- Fixed case where randoms could be flagged as neutral.
- Fixed VN Pyramids not firing at planet.
- Fixed Loa not spawning next to their gates.
- Fixed AI not launching battlecruisers and battleships.
- Fixed AI not launching riders in some cases.
- Fixed Loa not properly removing cubes for ship damages.
- Fixed ships flying into locust moons.

Other changes and additions:
- Fixed various strings.
- Windowed fullscreen support.
- Revamped post-combat screen.
- "C" button in chat now connects/disconnects from chat.
- Double pressing 1-0 will focus on the ship group instead of whenever you press the button.
- Starmap now remembers if fleet/planet tab was last selected.
- Added a hot key to exit accelerated time.

Critical fixes:
- Fixed combat CTD
- Fixed destroyed system CTD
- Fixed CTD in build screen

Other fixes:
- Fixed able to set missile to PD
- Fixed selected groups ignoring combat planes to which they are set.
- Fixed "stop" speech event.
- Fixed "defeated pirate base" being spammed 3x when it is defeated.
- Fixed AI colonizing hostile systems.
- Fixed case where AI would have a fleet with no command ship.
- Fixed issue that would cause too many locust scouts.
- Fixed case where randoms could be flagged as neutral.
- Fixed VN Pyramids not firing at planet
- Fixed Loa not spawning next to their gates

Other changes and additions:
- Fixed various strings.
- Windowed fullscreen support.
- Revamped post-combat screen.
- "C" button in chat now connects/disconnects from chat.
- Double pressing 1-0 will focus on the ship group instead of whenever you press the button
- Starmap now remembers if fleet/planet tab was last selected
- Added a hot key to exit accelerated time

Critical fixes:
- Fixed Pirate CTD.
- Fixed CTD entering Comparative Analysis.
- Fixed CTD in Fleet Manager related to Loa.
- Fixed end turn freeze.

Other fixes:
- Loa fleets that can no longer construct their command ship return home and dissolve.
- Fixed freighters not leaving system once boarded.
- Some optimizations to memory usage.

Critical fixes:
- Fixed stations spawning inside planets
- Fixed possess psionic causing CTD
- Fixed CTD dragging Loa cubes in fleet manager

Other fixes:
- Fixed assault shuttle cues not playing
- Fixed Proliferate colony factions not starting with max pop growth
- Stimulus freighters will now always use the latest freighter design
- Fixed Loa/Zuul AI colonizing non-terrestrial planets
- Fixed Loa command ships not having their battleriders built

Other changes and additions:
- Added input box to Loa cube transfer dialog

Critical fixes:
- Fixed upgrade station CTD
- Fixed CTD selecing fleet for evacuate mission
- Loa now properly remember combat positions set in battlemanager

Other fixes:
- Fixed PD weapons not firing at subverted missiles
- Loa fleet composition selector is now more accurate
- Favorite invoices with loa cube designs now remember the number of cubes specified
- Fixed case where planet biosphere was going below 0
- Fixed Sjet rate of fire
- Fixed applied techs now scaling section cost inappropriately
- Fixed EOF module meshes not being visible
- Fixed missing impact effects for ripper
- Fixed missing human DLC models
- Fixed missed case where loa would not use cheapest CNC design when creating fleets
- Fixed AI not launching riders in some cases
- Fixed case where 2 or more planets could be spawned on the same orbit

Other changes and additions:
- Loa starting fleets now have 70k cubes
- Possess psi power can now attach to psi-war modules
- Increased size of weapon test targets for larger ship classes.
- Added chat button to starmap

Critical fixes:
- Fixed Locust end turn CTD
- Fixed crash transferring ships to new fleet
- Fixed crash deleting invoices as Loa
- Fixed Neutron Star CTD

Other fixes:
- Optimized transitions to starmap
- Fixed bug allowing Zuul to see Loa paths
- Fixed issue with AM burst torpedo
- Fixed Loa SDB's not appearing in defense manager
- Fixed bug that would allow biosphere to go below 0
- Fixed ship production cost not displaying correct value in some places
- Fixed bug where Loa production costs were not being calculated correctly for armor selections
- Fixed bug that would cause polysilicate alloys to be impossible to select in design screen
- Fixed bug that would allow Loa to continue researching while in debt
- Fixed Loa audio not changing volume
- Fixed Loa not dropping gate in origin system when on NPG mission
- Fixed bug that would cause Loa to build gates in wrong order
- Fixed bug causing caravan fleets to consume CE at target system
- Fixed bug where Loa would not use cheapest command design when creating fleet
- Fixed bug locking players out of espionage

Other changes and additions:
- Exposed singleplayer empire colors for modders
- Global Chat now needs to be enabled in the options menu
- Tuning of Loa ship costs

Critical fixes:
- Fixed CTD when loa system destroyed
- Fixed endturn CTD caused by locust scout
- fixed gardener waypoint CTD
- Fixed rare mission CTD
- Fixed suulka repair CTD
- Fixed CTD entering battlemanager
- Fixed CTD entering research screen

Other fixes:
- Fixed NPG moving in auto-resolve combats
- Fixed not being able to scrap stations
- Fixed being able to edit accelerator fleets and scrap the NPG
- Fixed loa fleets not including production cost bonuses when forming ships
- Fixed loa construct station ui not presenting composition selector when manually placing station
- Supernovas will now follow max number of GM's rules
- Fixed issue where Deploy NPG fleets could get stuck in space
- Fixed bug causing loa to secretly pay corruption expenses

Critical fixes:
- Fixed SotSverse map
- Fixed crash related to station memory augmentation modules
- Fixed crash related to large Loa habitation module

Other fixes:
- Fixed Loa Music not playing
- Fixed issue with Burst Torpedo range
- Adjusted Loa gate limits
- Fixed Loa Neutrino Wave cannon
- Fixed missing Loa boarding icons
- Fixed fleet composer not appearing when creating fleet
- Fixed some issues with Loa deceleration/boosting
- Fixed modules not being visible
- Fixed freighter message appearing for newly built colonizers
- Fixed issues where drones would create anomalous cubes
- Fixed some speech issues
- Fixed some missing text strings


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Re: SotS2 Update Superlist

Post by castewarkp » Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:08 am

Critcal fixes:
- Fixed multiplayer CTD's related to very large turn update messages
- Fixed a CTD related to station modules
- Fixed late game CTD caused by defeated player still running a debt
- Fixed CTD in empire manager

Other fixes:
- Fixed Humans able to see Zuul node lines
- Fixed bug that would cause the AI to attempt to upgrade a station multiple times at the same time
- Fixed bug that would cause news events for slot 1 to show when loading a game in another slot


MP currently requires you to be logged into Steam. LAN support will be in an upcoming patch.
Update: Hosts will need to port forward the following ports: 35000, 35001, 27015

Critical fixes:
- Converted MP from GameSpy network to Steam network
- Fixed end turn CTD
- Fixed post-combat CTD
- Fixed combat CTD
- Fixed multiplayer CTDs, including due to updating colony history
- Fixed CTD on Station Built dialog if station was destroyed during combat phase
- Fixed being able use hot-keys between turns in MP
- Fixed allowing hot-keys to change state in build screen when confirming invoice name
- Fixed being able to enter comparative analysis screen without having seen any enemy ships
- Fixed Suul'ka leaving when tribute station is destroyed
- Fixed bug allowing Hivers to build gate stations without the required tech
- Fixed issues with assimilation plague
- Fixed client being sent home after 1 invasion mission
- Fixed not being able to do a strike mission on any system
- Fixed CTD with getting Suul'ka info
- Fixed system killer being stuck at a system with a mining station
- Fixed dev-mode being activated in the design screen

Other fixes:
- Improved screen transitions between mission overlays and starmap
- Tweaked VN planet killer
- Prevented neutral indy planets from disabling slew mode if a station is next to it
- Enabled suicide drones to upgrade with warhead tech
- Disabled operations slider
- Fixed sound channel issues
- Fixed Suul'ka voices not being available
- Fixed auto goop module
- Fixed 0 level station remaining at a system after the construction mission is cancelled
- Fixed bug when transferring some assets via relocate
- Fixed bug that moved police cutters into the defense fleet when a relocation was canceled
- Fixed bug allowing design attributes from being visible in the ship tool tip before they have been discovered
- Fixed not being able to relocate to systems when exact number of required CE
- Fixed display of civilian population in empire manager screen
- Fixed display issue with rider manager screen
- Fixed mission turns remaining display issue
- Fixed scrolling hot keys with mouse wheel
- Fixed bio war modules not saving bio missile data
- Fixed bio missiles not getting replenished when the ship is repaired
- Fixed boarding pods getting stuck when docking with their carrier
- Fixed slave disks from auto launching when they are full of slaves
- Fixed weapons ricocheting off of dead sections
- Fixed missiles from blowing up before hitting their target after researching microfusion tech
- Fixed bolt weapons from blowing up before hitting planets
- Fixed "shot gun" style weapon fire so that it fires with a better spread.
- Fixed chance of fading from sensors when ship is outside of sensor range
- Fixed interceptor missiles from hitting own ship's shield
- Fixed formations not updating in auto-resolve
- Fixed morale high/lows when colonizing a planet after killing off the original inhabitants
- Fixed bug where fleets could get stuck arriving at a system, but not set to being at the system
- Fixed not being able to auto target VN collector pods
- Fixed display issue with rider manager
- Fixed scrolling hotkey manager with mouse wheel
- Fixed admiral traits not correctly displaying on admiral info cards
- Fixed defence assets being stuck in a system after the owning player has been evicted
- Fixed issue where Zuul AI would create "super" fleets
- Fixed bug allowing players to access dev design screen
- Fixed priority issues with Planetary Salvage, should now be more common
- Fixed being able to enter rider manager with hotkeys when you normally would not be allowed
- Fixed Zuul node lines disappearing when out of range
- Fixed issues with special / salvage projects not using up all allocated research credits

Other changes and additions:
- Teams
- Revised empire manager screen
- Implemented pending/resolving combat screens
- Implemented free-fly and tracking camera modes that can be toggled in combat
- Implemented a random ship name feature
- Implemented tech boosting
- Implemented special failure events for some tech
- Implemented right-click weapon fire mode / target filter control
- Implemented auto-fire for AOE weapons
- Implemented Zuul minimum 5 overharvest rate
- Removed 64 bit option
- Allow time acceleration in MP when only 1 player in battle
- News events for that turn are now displayed when loading a game
- Movement psionic now shows range


r23786 (1.1.23741.3)
Critical fixes:
- Fixed bug that could cause potential hang in end turn.
- Fixed issues with direct connect not working properly.

Other fixes:
- Fixed bug that allowed meteors to capture admirals.
- Fixed suulka disbanding.

Critical fixes:
- Fixed crash when entering a multiplayer game with a dead player.
- Fixed CTD caused by Nodecannon.
- Fixed MP post combat CTD.

Other fixes:
- Fixed beams not rendering when origin is not on the screen.
- Fixed news events for meteors being shown for every colony in system.
- Fixed bug making platforms un-scrappable.
- Fixed Colony Established dialog population slider not working properly.
- Fixed Independents not showing up in star system dialog.
- Fixed Meson Projector beams not hitting planets.
- Fixed repair widget issues.
- Fixed trade stimulus not building freighters for all dock slots.
- Fixed bug causing dialogs to hang on screen after being disconnected from host.
- Fixed Locust behavior.
- Various fixes to Assimilation plague.
- Fixed strings related to plagues.

Other changes and additions:
- Hotkeys + Hotkey editor in menu.
- Hooked up many missing news event images.
- Survey missions will now cancel if they are unable to defeat hostiles at the system.
- AI will now show more discretion when selecting fleets for combat.
- Stations belonging to an assimilated colony will now be destroyed.

Critical fixes:
- Fixed bug that may cause hangs in multiplayer games.
- Fixed MP weapon bank crash.
- Fixed a crash involving plagues.
- Fixed a crash after exiting combat.
- Fix to prevent stations from being spawned in the center of a planet.
- A certain Suul'ka will now no longer instantly kill ships with its tentacle attacks.
- Suul'ka fleets can no longer be dissolved.
- Fixed MP not syncing ai state.

Other fixes:
- Crit hits table now correctly shows after combat.
- Fixed estimated arrival time calculations.
- Command Ships larger than cruisers are now more aggressive in combat.
- Players can now scrap stations in the fleetl-ist.
- Players can now scrap battleriders from the battlerider manager.
- Fixed not being able to pirate with battle riders in fleets.
- Fixed cloaking not working in multiplayer.
- Fixed VN beserker behaviors.
- Freighters can now be built and scrapped from the trade view.
- Missiles can no longer be set to PD targeting mode.
- Armor tiles now repair from the inside outwards.
- Tuned formation movement in combat.
- Fixed some issues with multiplayer combat.
- Fixed some missing news events.
- Pre-Combat battle manager button is now disabled in multiplayer games.
- The "Ready" status should now correctly update across multiplayer lobbies.
- AI will now attempt to create counter ship designs based on previous combat experience.
- Added a fix to prevent AI from building multiple stations of the same type at a system.
- AI will now spend more time upgrading their fleets before attempting to invade a system again after a full scale invasion has failed.
- Suulka should now leave the game permanently when killed.
- Fixed an issue where multiple Suulka of the same type were being created.
- Gate Stations will now be unique per system.
- Fixed a bug where some Battleriders were being assigned twice.
- AI will now no longer immediately call back Boarding Pods after they launch.
- Armor piercing levels are now taken into account in AI weapon selection.
- Fixed a crash caused by Swarmers entering a system.
- Refined AI target selection during combat.

Other changes and additions:
- Added new auto options menu, including Goop and Joker modules.
- News event system overhauled.
- Mouse over colony faction morale while in the Starmap now gives a tool-tip with the last 3 events affecting that colony.
- Double clicking on a battlerider in the battlerider manager now fills the current carrier wing with that type.


- Zuul taxation rate should now be capped at 7.
- The AI should now properly launch battle riders.
- Locusts will now attack instead of remaining passive.
- A couple crash bugs in main menu are now fixed.


Critical fixes:
- Fix SK crash
- Fixed an Alien Habitation module slotting bug that prevented stations from being upgraded. (See known issues below.)

Other fixes:
- Addressed recent long turn times.
- AI now uses full command point limit when constructing fleets.
- Fixed beam vs planet lengths.
- Fixed bore ships firing node cannon when targets are out of range.
- Fixed stations spawning in center of planet during rebellion.
- Fixed VN discs not shooting.
- Fixed fleet interception teleport bug.
- Fixed ship acceleration modifications based on modules not being applied.

Other changes and additions:
- Added government effects when a system is opened or closed in a turn.
- Adjustments to colony and biome ships.

Known issues:
- Stations that cannot be upgraded in old save games will remain locked. Stations in new games will be fine.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed an audio problem that was leading to framerate loss over time.
+ Fixed known intermittent combat crashes.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed battle riders getting lost in limbo during combat.
+ Fixed some issues relating to start positions in combat.
+ Addressed some accelerated combat issues.
+ Fixed muzzle sounds not playing.
+ Fixed some cases where inappropriate ship designs were unintentionally rolling for attributes.
+ Addressed the poroblem of players getting the same salvage project multiple times.
+ Fixed some government related consequences and actions.
+ Strategic AI now properly assigns battle riders to carriers.
+ Fixed an issue with the ionic thruster technology effect.
+ Fixed target avoidance while in the pursuit stance.
+ Trade view no longer hides icons under the star.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing AI players from building stations in some cases, and allowing them to build too many in others.
+ Strategic AI now properly coordinates and escalates attacks.
+ Strategic AI now executes appropriate requests and demand diplomatic actions.
+ Fixed an issue where planets were firing missiles when they shouldn't.
+ Emitter COL now fully functional.

Other changes and additions:
+ Tuned point defense targeting in combat.
+ Tuned combat AI target prioritization.
+ Combat AI is now aware of ships without weapons.
+ Added small-scale fusion technology effects.
+ Hiver players now start with deployed gate ships instead of gate stations.
+ Psi potential is now hidden until a psi technology is researched.
+ The battle rider manager is now hidden until battle rider technology is researched.
+ Fixed detonating torpedoes not doing appropriate damage.
+ Adjustments to various weapons systems.


Critical fixes:
+ Added a fix for old save games that would crash when reloaded.

Other fixes:
+ Addressed odd rider behaviour when carriers were captured.
+ Clients now receive Intel reports again.
+ Fixed incorrect post-combat data being displayed for meteor encounters.
+ Fixed retreat missions that were mistakenly labelled as piracy missions.

Other Changes and Additions:
+ The game version is now displayed on the main menu.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a new parsing error related to diplomatic treaties that was causing intermittent crashes between turns.

Known issues:
- There is an issue with the upgrade of old save games that will lead to various forms of crashes while playing. Until this is resolved, only new games should be attempted.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a combat auto-resolve crash related to bio-missiles.
+ Fixed a network transport bug that may cause de-syncs and sometimes crashes in two-player networked games.

Other fixes:
+ Mirage psionic effect can no longer be spammed.
+ Fixed known boarding action issues.
+ Fixed the fleet of empty retreating ships that could appear in networked games.
+ Fixed cases where attached boarding pods were super-sized.
+ Fixed an issue that could cause stations under construction to appear inside planets.
+ Fixed an issue where multiple Admiral dialogs could appear on mission screens.
+ Diplomacy point generation tuned.

Other changes and additions:
+ Reinstated piracy mission.
+ Reinstated Lobbying.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a potential crash in Comparative Analysis.
+ Fixed a couple UI related crashes that could crop up when starting
the game or entering the lobby.
+ Fixed known causes of Intercept- and Retreat-related post-combat crashes.
+ Fixed known mid-combat weapon related crashes.
+ Fixed a scout battle rider crash.
+ Fixed a crash caused by dissolving fleets in the Reaction Movement dialog.

Other fixes:
+ Combat network bandwidth has been stabilized. This should address
the heavy combat desyncs that have been occurring lately.
+ Fixed bad initial diplomacy states introduced by turn time optimizations in previous update.
+ Fixed known UI inconsistencies regarding Psi power activation in combat.
+ Enveloping torpedoes now do damage to dreadnoughts.
+ Fixed node cannon network synchronization.
+ Fixed an issue where shield generators were firing torpedoes.
+ Addressed issues that were causing assault shuttles and boarding pods to become stuck.
+ Fixed Morrigi Trap network synchronization.
+ Diplomacy actions are no longer available for eliminated empires.
+ Node cannon shunting no longer applies to ships without a node drive.
+ Fixed scientific notation display of population numbers in news events.
+ Fixed a situation where combat AI ships in standoff would flee from
players forever.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing ships in combat to be equipped with
random modules where none belong.
+ Locust drones now attack planets.
+ Fixed a number of issues related to diplomatic options, especially treaties.
+ Addressed an issue where the strategic AI was exceeding defense placement limitations.

Other changes and additions:
+ Re-balanced station stats.
+ Added shield re-generator effects.
+ Pirate encounters are now 2.5 minutes.
+ Re-implemented Intelligence and Counter-intelligence missions.
+ Added Warp Pulse button to combat.
+ Combat AI now deploys SDB assets in combat.
+ Modular Construction now awards a 10% bonus to trade revenue.
+ Science Stations now predict incoming encounters.
+ Doomsayers now predict the arrival of a grand menace.
+ Clicking the admiral name in a fleet list now opens the admiral
information dialog.
+ Overthrust speed multiplier is now 1.5x
+ Added a treaty broken dialog.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed neutral encounters introduced by optimizations in last version update.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed paramilitary tech effects.
+ Fixed a couple cases where stations were available for building when they shouldn't be.
+ Fixed VN beam in combat.
+ Fixed missiles in combat missing station targets.
+ Fixed a turn number display issue in news events.
+ Patched a loophole that was allowing per-system station limits to be exceeded.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a post-combat crash related to node cannon effects.

Other fixes:
+ Made general optimization passes to speed up turn times, AI processing and star system selection responsiveness.
+ Zuul no longer immigrate to other factions.
+ Population Manager and Comparative Analysis buttons are now disabled between turns.
+ Corrected 'pirate encounter freighters destroyed' news event messages.
+ Fixed graphical glitch caused by moving defense assets.
+ Battle riders destroyed by node cannons no longer continue to tie up
carrier space.
+ Fixed ownership display of systems in sensor range.
+ Corrected intel result rolls.
+ The intel success rate is now correctly reflected in the UI.
+ Fixed some cases where fleets were spawning at the wrong locations in combat.
+ Diplomacy panels are now disabled for defeated empires.
+ Fixed some odd behavior with ship rolling in combat.

Other changes and additions:
+ Factions now get population bonuses when immigrating.
+ The F key now functions as an alternative button for focusing on the
object under the mouse pointer in combat.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed crash related to station construction.

Other fixes:
+ Addressed issues related to combat stance behavior and sensor range.
+ Immigration rate now affects corruption.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a Comparative Analysis UI crash.
+ Addressed a weapon bank related crash.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed recent mission screen UI issues.
+ Fixed loophole that was allowing station construction to exceeed the
number of each type of station allowed.
+ Engrammed admirals with the Inquisitor trait no longer gain extra traits.



Critical fixes:
+ Fixed reported crash bugs in combat.
+ Abandoning a colony in the Colony Established dialog no longer causes a crash.

Other fixes:
+ AI no longer executes diplomatic actions without sufficient diplomatic points.
+ AI now builds various station types again.
+ AI no longer redesigns platforms continually.
+ Battleriders can now be targeted specifically.
+ Security slider no longer jumps to a notched position when the research slider is moved in the star map.
+ It is no longer possible to retrofit stations with pending modules.
+ Mining stations can now be built on asteroids.
+ Fixed absorber ship section effect.
+ Asteroid monitors now have Polaris missiles.
+ Ship targets in combat are no longer lost when turrets are lost or a
section is destroyed.
+ Fixed a corner case that could result in ships rolling continually in combat.
+ Meson Projector now aims at the intended target and applies damage correctly.
+ Ships turned over to a different player in combat now are now correctly removed from hotkey groups.
+ Fixed torpedo retargeting.

Other changes and additions:
+ Added Leech Driver.
+ Added population manager.
+ Added comparative analysis screen.
+ Changes to the All Stop command mean that a ship issued All Stop
will return to Normal Stance. If a ship is answering All Stop and
another stance is selected, it will start moving again.

Known issues:
- Existing sync errors in multiplayer turn updates are still being addressed.


Other fixes:
+ Corrected some VN-related news events.
+ Initial designs are now consistent again.
+ Fixed some news event speech cue timings.
+ Fixed Morrigi PD weapon art issues.

Other changes and additions:
+ Design prototyping is now free on the first turn.
+ Freighters can now be moved between star systems.
+ Player-built freighters now display in empire color in the trade view.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a battle manager crash.
+ Fixed a combat crash.
+ Fixed a Zuul slave station upgrade crash.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed Suulka beam not reaching planet.
+ Fixed launching bug with Wraith Abductors.
+ Stations no longer become constructed when construction fleets are absent.
+ Station slots are no longer shown for unsurveyed systems.
+ Fixed Reflector psi power after-image.
+ Fixed re-base loophole that was causing fleet support limits to be bypassed.
+ Node tracking techs no longer display innapropriate node line types.
+ Fixed an issue with incorrect assignment of empire colors to star systems.
+ Fixed sticky province effects.
+ Fixed an issue with certain drone types getting stuck when their targets were destroyed.
+ Fixed a rare instance that was still allowing freighters to be built in closed systems.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing the Hiver AI to stop sending gate missions.
+ Improved reflective coating ricochets now work as designed.
+ Planet lists are now refreshed when multiple colonization missions are committed in sequence.
+ Fixed the missing Fusion Enveloping Torpedo icon.
+ Destroyed ship sections in combat no longer spam turret destroyed messages.
+ Fixed audio cue spam caused by adding a favorite invoice.
+ Asteroid monitors no longer disappear from systems when research is complete.
+ Plasma Focusing now updates correctly.
+ Liir battleriders no longer cause their fleet to be affected by gravity wells.
+ Ship groups in fleet lists now display the correct icons.
+ Asteroid monitors can now be repaired.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing multiple swarm queens to focus on one star system.
+ Fixed many varied art issues fixed.

Other changes and additions:
+ Polaris missiles now retarget.
+ Defeating the VN Homeworld now causes all related encounters to be removed and awards all players in combat with a 5% increase in research.
+ Added a popup dialog when the VN Homeworld is defeated.
+ Optimization of AI adjustments to empire and colony economic sliders.
+ Stimulus-generated colonies no longer claim combat zones when added.
+ Added a fleet creation button to most fleet lists.
+ Improved AI weapon selection to address issues that were causing it to avoid beam weapons.
+ AI now makes use of more ship section types.
+ AI now builds and places some defensive assets.
+ Targeting controls in combat have changed; A single click now isolates the hull or object on a ship, and a double-click targets a specific position on the surface.
+ The fleet manager has been updated.
+ Generated fleet names are now unique.
+ Shield Breaker ballistic weapon added.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed new population growth issues.
+ Fixed a crash related to dragging fleets in the relocate mission screen.

Other fixes:
+ Favourite invoices no longer revert to Cruisers after submitting an order.
+ Spectre attacks now have a range limit in combat.
+ Trade sliders no longer override settings for other colonies.
+ Trade sliders no longer get stuck on last notch.
+ C3 and Psi research bonuses now displayed.
+ AI now includes psionic abilities in ship designs.
+ Fixed a case where drones belonging to NPC factions would not fire weapons.
+ Adjusted implosion mine health.

Other changes and additions:
+ Queued station modules are now highlighted in orange.
+ Added auto-upgrade button to the station manager. This automatically queues a minimal number of

modules to enable upgrading.
+ Station level is now displayed on the icon in lists.
+ Systems in lists now display station icons where applicable.
+ Planet manager items are now alphabetized.
+ Various racial attributes tuned.


Critical fixes:
+ Addressed networked game stalls and crashes related to certain router and firewall hardware. The default MTU affinity has been reduced to 500 bytes.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed lag in combat when encountering Swarm Queen.
+ Fixed cases where combat UI was displaying informtation for colonies from other star systems.
+ Station Manager now only displays stations in the selected system.
+ AI difficulty settings tuned to the following levels; easy (research -25%, production -25%, revenue -25%), medium (no changes), hard (research +25%, production +25%, revenue +25%, population growth +10%)
+ Swarm hives no longer display fleet icons.

Other changes and additions:
+ Empire security slider now automatically adjusts to minimize corruption when left on notches.
+ Trade sliders set to notched values will now stick to those values, even if the maximum potential increases.
+ Strategic AI uses relocation more effectively, which helps to maintain advancing fronts.
+ Various AI optimizations.
+ Liir supply ratings have been adjusted.
+ Various ship and weapon arc tweaks.
+ Number of stations is now limited by population - one per 500M (Imperial + Civilian).
+ UI changes have been made to the stamap system tags. Dots now represent the number of colonies; rings are shown for each major station slot available, and filled in with icons for each type constructed; a numerical value is now displayed for support; and colony trap icons are displayed when appropriate.
+ Exposed additional variables for modders.
+ New Ship badges to celebrate the Canada Day / Independance Day weekend.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a multiplayer combat crash related to weapon damage.
+ Fixed multiplayer crashes related to news events.
+ Fixed a news event crash related to resuming older games.
+ Fixed a scout rider crash.
+ Fixed a crash related to the colony information display in combat.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed an issue that caused civilian population to drop after new
factions were introduced.
+ Improved trade slider notch accuracy.
+ Planet missiles now target battle ships and battle cruisers.
+ Fixed an issue where battle riders were not launching in multiplayer combat.
+ Fixed the issue where minelayer were not working in multiplayer combat.
+ Fixed overharvesting beyond available resources.
+ The grovernment graph marker no longer moves beyond the graph bounds.
+ Fixed grav boat behavior.

Other changes and additions:
+ Gate ships now deploy after the combat phase.
+ Colony stimulus now considers star systems each player already has
colonies in.
+ Fleet support range now takes all support points into consideration,
which should extend range in friendly space.
+ Eliminated players are now reflected in the diplomacy manager.

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Re: SotS2 Update Superlist

Post by castewarkp » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:49 pm


- Fixed auto-resolve crash due to colony life UI.
- Fixed slider notches for trade sliders so they now notch for the colony trade output.
- Used correct player color and colony icon for colony life UI.
- Fixed surprise attack button not being available unless you had diplo points for declaring war.

- Weapon bank MP crash on client.
- Admiral turn event crash.
- Colonies from other systems may show up in Colony Combat display.


Critical fixes:
- Fix retreat crash
- Fix combat freeze
- Fix crash for null AI designs
- Fix move order crash

Other fixes:
- Fixed AI equipping the wrong modules on the wrong sections
- Fixed AI building stations in un-owned worlds
- Fixed using psionics on menaces (eg: fear on swarm queen)
- Fixed Suul’ka fleets not storing their Suul’ka as an admiral
- Fixed display issues with relocating reserve assets
- Fixed diplomacy UI buttons
- Fixed being able to build stations in indy systems unless system was selected
- Fixed getting a combat if both players ONLY have a colony in a system (colony vs colony and no fleets)
- Fixed auto firing not always finding a target
- Fixed Morrigi LV not assigning all riders proper indexes, which leads to riders entering combat "launched"
- Fixed Hivers using node races pathing in some cases
- Fixed fleets in fleet widget properly displaying their base system instead of current location

Other changes and additions:
- Implement new player list UI in combat
- Implement ionic thruster tech
- Implement display for colony pop/infra info
- Implemented internal kinetic dampening tech
- Implement Morrigi traps
- Gave Morrigi abilities to instantly defeat Morrigi relics and traps
- Added notches to sliders in Empire Manager and for trade/construction sliders
- Starmap now properly shows Zuul slave and civilian count

- Morrigi trap combat does not carry over into combat (will be Fixed in next patch)


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a weapon firing race condition that could lead to crashes in networked combat.
+ Fixed the excessive strategic AI tax rate leading to economic suicide at the start of a game.

Other fixes:
+ It is no longer possible to modify caravan fleets in transition.
+ Fixed an issue that could cause the strategic AI to redesign constructors and freighters each turn.
+ AI ship designs now consider armor and other available options.
+ Fixed sporadically missing Zuul battle music.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when building both a Naval and Science station in the same system.
+ Fixed a Suul'ka Hoarder crash that resulted from relocating assets.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed phantom mouse-over effects in combat.
+ Fixed a case where asteroid monitors were not being removed.
+ Fixed a case where selected ship changes were not being reflected in the combat UI.
+ Slaves are delivered to colonies on ship arrival.
+ Made some improvements to star map UI stalls.
+ Network packets are now more respectful of less common MTU limitations.
+ Shield graphics are now disabled when associated ship sections are destroyed.
+ Fixed grappling hook lag.
+ Fixed assault shuttle behavior after the target colony is defeated.
+ Pirates will now prefer to attack nearby freighters.
+ Life- and psi-drain now works on enemy planets.
+ Fixed reaction opportunity spam.
+ Can no longer retrofit ships in a system without a colony.
+ Fixed an issue that would cause automatic station placement not to consider planets orbiting other planets, or independent system limitations.
+ Added missing weapon icons.
+ Fixed cases where station placement was not possible in independent systems.
+ Fixed the bug that prevented retrofitting in networked games.
+ Fixed a bug that was delimiting relocation range.
+ Fixed various missing text strings.

Other changes and additions:
+ Combat double-left-click now makes ships move to their destination without holding formation.
+ Added War Mind effects.
+ Improved free turret and spinal mounted weapon accuracy.
+ Combat AI now makes use of Psionic powers.
+ Defenses and Reserves can now be relocated.
+ Introduced advanced network configuration options, which can be accessed from the game launcher.
+ Introduced new strategic AI research and colonization algorithms.
+ Reaction dialog is now an overlay.
+ Default initial savings is now 500,000.
+ Police cutters now default to the reserves fleet and must be placed as defensive assets, but are now capable of traveling with fleets and/or be relocated.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a crash that could occur if no enemy was present in combat.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur if a colony support mission was cancelled.
+ Fixed known crashes related to recent news events.
+ Fixed a crash related to invalid station modules.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur by entering certain characters into the encyclopedia search box.
+ Fixed a treaty generation related crash.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed some known issues with System Killer news event handling.
+ Tomb rewards work again.
+ Retrofitted defenses are now returned to defense fleets.
+ Platform retrofitting is no longer linked to the station retrofit dialog.
+ Fixed black color for non-player empires.
+ Defense and reserve fleets are no longer disbanded when the last ship is scrapped.
+ Addressed the issue of locusts not attacking planets and stations in combat.
+ Mining stimulus is now disabled until mega-strip mining is acquired.
+ Fixed the white cubes in the research screen.
+ Fixed the intermittently missing Political Science family button at the bottom of the research screen.
+ Morrigi Crow firing now works again.
+ Planet sensor volumes are now affected by jammers.
+ Fixed design screen right-click retrofit loophole.
+ New admirals now display correct empire color.
+ Zuul fleets lacking bore ships no longer cause a request to bore node lines when issuing missions.
+ Stations are now removed appropriately if their attached colonies are destroyed.
+ Boarded ships no longer fire at unusually high rates.
+ Fixed Gardener suitability calculations.
+ Fixed an issue that could cause planets to share the same orbit.
+ The open/close star system button is now correctly synchronized in both star map and star system screens.

Other changes and additions:
+ Engrams fully functional.
+ Improved combat sensor graphics.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when freighters were lost in combat.
+ Fixed the Hiver farcast failure crash.
+ Fixed the Horde Zuul fleet reforming crash.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a node maw related crash.
+ Fixed defense manager placement crash.
+ Fixed platform cost calculation crash.
+ Fixed a station building crash.
+ Fixed the reaction intercept crash.
+ Fixed a turn event related end-of-combat crash.
+ Fixed a Suul'ka and turn event related crash.
+ Fixed economy rating bleed.
+ Fixed client crash after the second round of combat.
+ Fixed issue where the star map UI was not reactivating on new turns (AKA Black Buttons of Doom).

Other fixes:
+ Fixed some networked combat weapon de-syncs.
+ Projected savings now considers pending ship construction.

Other changes and additions:
+ Added Tumbler weapon.
+ Added Shield Projector.
+ Added Grav Pulsar weapon.
+ Added Grav Cannon.
+ Empires now receive savings for defeating swarmers.
+ New user interface for treaty requests.
+ Classic Race badges added.
+ Variety of text, tooltip, and reference fixes.
+ Improved government summary UI, still accessible via the empire summary screen.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed the AI divide by zero crash.
+ Fixed a crash related to swarmer interception.
+ Fixed a crash related to exiting the defense manager.
+ Fixed a battle rider and boarding-pod related crash.
+ Fixed a System Killer related crash on turn update.
+ Fixed a Suul'ka spawning and admiral-related crashes.
+ Fixed a few potential crashes that could occur after random encounters.
+ Fixed a potential deep space encounter crash.
+ Fixed a potential crash that could occur with out-of-date planet information and fleet selection.
+ Fixed a critical repair-related combat crash.

Other fixes:
+ Freighters now retreat on node lines when applicable.
+ Tuned combat sensor picking.
+ The pre-combat UI now defaults to the first combat.
+ The pre-combat UI now applies the correct star map effects and colors where applicable.
+ Fleet information now updates correctly when ships are transferred or repaired.
+ Fixed known issues where missiles were missing ships in the weapon test screen.
+ Mission screens no longer show extraneous fleet lines.
+ Fixed a bug that prevented the intercept mission screen from focusing on the target fleet.
+ Fixed shield placement and shield status combat UI issues.
+ Subjugators now carry Slave Disks.
+ Quantum Capacitor and Shield Magnifier effects now work.
+ The government support action no longer causes shifts for developed colonies.
+ Fixed corrupt game lobby player lists.
+ Zuul torpedo platforms can now be placed.
+ Colonization fleets no longer teleport on support runs.
+ Fixed the swapped government and research slider labels in the research screen.
+ Gas giants and moons are no longer incorrectly listed as size 10.
+ Fixed a bug that caused effect LODs to pile up on top of each other.
+ Fixed an issue where fleets and systems would overlap in lists.
+ The "war declared" turn event now correctly reflects the instigator.
+ Environmental tailoring effect now works.
+ Addressed an issue that was caused by retreating fleet consolidation to violate command point limits.
+ Gate station construction now removes system's deployed gate ship.
+ It is no longer possible to construct gate stations without the required technology.
+ Tracking weapons no longer attempt to path through planets.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing combat AI from moving ships around a planet to reach the target.
+ Support missions no longer deliver twice in one turn.
+ AI rebellion will no longer occur if a countering technology has been researched.
+ Fixed a bug that was preventing treaties from activating.
+ Targets of node cannons no longer leave empty fleets behind.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing ships at base from registering a sensor range.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing station retrofits from working in networked games.
+ Fixed an issue that appeared to prevent the construction of stations at independent-controlled systems.
+ Ship rolling is now synchronized over the network in combat.
+ Fixed a networked combat issue that was causing the last ship in a selection to be left behind.
+ Tombs are now removed when all of their drones are destroyed.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing weapon damage from being communicated correctly in networked combat.
+ The game window no longer reacts to keypresses when it does not have focus.

Other changes and additions:
+ Many new turn events.
+ Mission lines are now in player color.
+ Multiple missions can be issued from a single screen for Survey, Relocate, Colonize, Support, Patrol,

Interdict, Invade and Strike.
+ Construction, Upgrade and Patrol missions now have an optional rebase on completion.
+ Added a Von Neumann research bounty.
+ Ships waiting at base will now replenish crew and supplies.
+ The colony support dialog now provides planet details.
+ Combat sensor view now displays a greater variety of icons.
+ Asteroid belts now jam sensors.
+ Asteroid Monitors, Swarmers and Relics no longer generate encounters unless an enemy fleet is present.
+ Added slave drop-off.
+ Defense fleets are now available in various fleet lists.
+ Added a tooltip to the psi icon on the starmap.
+ Added a Liir deep space maneuvering bonus.
+ Node missiles added.
+ Modified the AI rebel color.
+ Added evangelist admiral trait effect.
+ Asteroid impacts now affect colony morale.
+ Independent colonies are immediately available for diplomatic action.
+ Overpopulation now affects morale.
+ Added AI Virus effects.
+ Increased station science module bonus.
+ Fleets now have empire-based default names.
+ Minelayers can now be placed with drag-and-drop interaction.
+ Added colony economic ratings.
+ Added open and closed systems.
+ Various unresponsive turrets fixed via arc errors.
+ Handful of missing text string errors corrected.


Critical fixes:
+ Patched a ship repair divide-by-zero crash.
+ Fixed a drone-related crash.
+ Fixed a very rare locking-beam related crash.

Other fixes:
+ Corrected display of drone designs in the design screen.
+ Construction and retrofit costs now include initial drone and assault shuttle costs.
+ It is now possible to select systems in province creation mode once again.
+ No more cube for phaser weapons on drones in the design screen.
+ Queued station modules no longer disappear.
+ Fixed system info demand.
+ Enemy ship construction ETA is no longer visible in system icons.
+ Corrected the direction of trade-related government shifts.
+ Admiral traits no longer cause negative endurance.

Other changes and additions:
+ Beam weapons will now fire for their entire duration and re-target on-the-fly.
+ Empire fleet summary no longer displays empty reserve fleets.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a design screen selection crash.
+ Fixed a rare encounter pre-combat crash.
+ Fixed a rare combat related crash.
+ Turn times are greatly reduced.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed duplicate war declaration news events.
+ Addressed some ambiguous wording in war declaration news events.
+ Ship repaired speech events are less frequent.
+ Players can no longer construct remote stations without Deep Space Construction.
+ Phase Dislocation no longer affects Prester Zuul battle riders.
+ Trade stations are no longer available until FTL Economics is researched.
+ Government shifts no longer occur until station building is complete.
+ AI will no longer attempt to colonize systems with enemy colonies unless is exempt from this limitation.
+ Fleets will now relocate if their base is eliminated.
+ Naval capacity now takes pending changes into account.
+ New home systems are now automatically flagged as surveyed when assigned to a player.
+ Fixed a mining station bonus miscalculation.
+ Enemy reserve fleets are no longer visible.
+ Fixed an issue where the game was treating Propaganda ships as Police Cutters.
+ Fixed unending rebellions.
+ Fixed unending trade treaties.
+ Fixed the sensor view bug that caused overlapping spheres to eliminate each other.
+ Load times are reduced.
+ Reduced UI transition times from some screens.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing full repair of a ship.
+ Protectorates no longer expire.
+ Admirals now age at the correct rate.
+ Suul'ka now enter combat again.
+ Weapon panels are now cleared when re-entering screens and dialogs.
+ Fixed some design-naming issues.
+ It is no longer possible to break the transition to the station placement screen.
+ UI now refreshes after retrofitting or repairing ships.
+ Retrofitting will no longer produce two sets of drones for a ship.
+ AI no longer retires ships constantly.
+ AI now redesigns for missing ships, such as gates and bores.
+ The research ring around the tech cube on the star map no longer disappears at certain camera angles.
+ Mission screens now lock focus on the target system.

Other changes and additions:
+ There is now a two-turn moratorium on AI actions when it takes over for a dropped player.
+ Clicking a module or weapon icon in the design screen will now close the associated selector if it is open.
+ Economic and research efficiency maximums have been increased to 200%.
+ Enemy fleet lines are now visible when their destinations are visible.
+ Up and down arrow keys now function in place of the mouse wheel for zooming.
+ Sensor range bonuses are now applied to stations.
+ Large asteroids are now selectable.
+ Added tech requirements for gate stations.
+ Station construction screens now have a Commit button that will automatically place the new station.
+ Individual ship selection in combat will now yield additional information about critical issues.
+ Ships losing crew in combat are highlighted to bring attention to the damage.
+ The star map tech cube tooltip now displays technology info and ETA.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a turn processing crash related to updating morale.
+ Fixed an MP crash that could occur when clients joined a game while the host was in combat.
+ Fixed an AI processing crash related to Leviathan research.
+ Fixed a hang in combat related to positioning ships.
+ Fixed an issue where in a multi-player game would hang if the client was in the first player slot.
+ Fixed a multi-player crash that could occur is the host was not in the first player slot.
+ Fixed a system-killer related turn update crash.
+ Fixed the empty treaty crash.
+ Fixed a turn update crash related to patrol missions.
+ Fixed an upgrade mission UI crash.
+ Fixed a potential crash that could occur when using the battle manager where neutral zones existed.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when interception targets left sensor range.
+ Fixed a star map re-entry crash that could occur when resuming a game after returning to the main menu.
+ Fixed a rare crash that could occur when joining a game in progress.

Other fixes:
+ Support missions now work in the same system.
+ Support missions no longer take an extra turn when in the same system.
+ Research estimates are more accurate.
+ Boarding pods no longer attack grand menace or random encounter entities.
+ Fixed issues related to station targeting with non-tracking weapons.
+ Fixed an issue with Suul'ka showing up in the design screen.
+ Fixed some localization issues in the intel results dialog.
+ Fixed scaling issue on Protean tentacles.
+ Fixed known issues with the Fear psi power.
+ Fixed an issue where psionic UI overlays could persist after combat.
+ Fixed issues with disruptor effects.
+ VN Berserkers now retreat correctly.
+ Fixed Hiver carrier recovery animations.
+ Default target filter and firing mode settings are now carried into combat from designs.
+ Swarmers no longer generate multiple queens while others are in transit.
+ Textures have been optimized.
+ Colony faction morale now displays correctly.
+ Fixed an issue where the design screen was not displaying the effects of ship design options.
+ The login dialog is now displayed when re-entering the server browser.
+ Fixed an issue where asteroid monitors and Morrigi relics would show up in combat as enemies after they had been neutralized.
+ Fixed an issue where player-built asteroid monitors had some unresponsive turrets.
+ Fixed an issue that was incorrectly revealing star map details to players.
+ Fixed an issue that was allowing players to abandon enemy colonies.
+ Corrected the order of ship section names displayed in the build screen preview.
+ Fixed an issue that was allowing the display of information for enemy fleets out of range.
+ Favorite invoices now use the newest available retrofit for each ship design.
+ Fixed missing Phaser weapon icon.
+ Fixed issues where player ship designs were not being assigned roles.
+ Biome colonizers now show up in colonizer lists.
+ Fixed an infinite repair point issue with stations.
+ Fixed the black-sensor-view display bug.
+ The build screen no longer reverts back to cruisers after invoice submission.
+ Fleet lists no longer display irrelevant command points in the battle rider manager.
+ Salvage projects now have 100% feasibility.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing the AI to continually redesign thee same ship role turn after turn.
+ It is no longer possible to rename ships in retrofit orders.
+ Fleet items in the admiral manager now display the correct empire color.
+ Fixed a networking issue that was causing the game host to continue attempting to send game information to disconnected clients.
+ Addressed a network issue where client connections were not being correctly terminated on timeouts.
+ Fixed a display bug where the station retrofit list was not being cleared.
+ Fixed the ship design generational mk. naming scheme.
+ Addressed a handful of missing or broken text strings.

+ Implemented the last of the admiral traits
+ Implemented admiral survival and capture mechanics
+ Allies now share sensor data.
+ Colony and trade values now display in red/green.
+ Added a weapon range tooltip in combat. Hovering mouse over weapon icon will reveal max range circle for that weapon.
+ Reserve fleets can now be filtered out of fleet summaries.
+ Human factions can now use Node Maws.
+ Double-clicking a battle rider in the battle rider manager is now a short-cut for adding them to the ship.
+ It is now possible to build naval and science stations in neutral systems.
+ Added an incoming fleet news event.
+ Energy Cannons received balance pass.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a Suul'ka repair crash.

Other fixes:
+ Restored sound.
+ The add to invoice button now correctly accumulates favorite invoice ships.
+ Stations no longer cause combat rounds versus gate ships.
+ Fixed some pathological combat AI issues that were preventing it
from attacking certain features such as deployted gates.
+ Fixed new Zuul AI slow-boating.
+ Fixed tech tree issue involving Plasma Focusing.

+ Added 3-second combat ending warning.
+ Fleets with damaged ships now display red in lists.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed an end of combat crash related to retreating.
+ Fixed a couple crashes related to diplomatic actions with independent factions.
+ Fixed remaining known multiplayer sync crashes.
+ Fixed a crash caused by the target of a boarding pod being destroyed.
+ Fixed a crash in the battle rider manager.
+ Fixed a crash caused by network clients finishing combat prior to the host.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when calculating rebel AI economic ratings.
+ Fixed a crash caused by submitting a treaty with an independent faction without first selecting the type.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed spectre camouflage.
+ Strategic turn timer is now displayed in games that use it.
+ Fixed an issue where players were not being assigned the correct initial star systems.
+ Fixed the UI issue that was preventing players from moving ships in combat in some cases.
+ Gate labs now apply a bonus only to drive research.
+ Independent colonies no longer form on barren planetoids nor gas giants.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing minelayers from functioning in combat.
+ Improved framerate in combat when many ships are selected.
+ Fixed some issues with the grav cannon.
+ Colony information panels were tweaked to display in owner colors.
+ Trade stimulus no longer provides more freighters than are needed.
+ Encounters involving non-aggression parties no longer induce morale penalties.
+ Fixed known AI issues with slaver encounters.
+ Fixed a bug that was assigning unwanted modules to stations and ships.
+ Fixed known issues that were preventing players from upgrading stations.
+ Addressed VN-related framerate issues.
+ Retreating ships no longer get pulled back into combat at the same location.
+ Fixed an issue - fleets will now maintain their positions for multiple rounds of combat.
+ Initial station weapons are now longer range.
+ Fixed an issue where station upgrades were not updating station structure.
+ Fixed an issue where players were spawning too close to the star during random encounters.
+ The Morrigi Relic encounter no longer holds players in combat after the relics are destroyed.
+ Fixed an issue where the research screen was not correctly displaying module bonuses.
+ Fixed main menu sound playing in games when the sound enabled options are turned on and off.
+ Removed the unwanted vertical scrollbar from the avatar and badge selection strips.
+ Fixed some issues with AI ship design and related weapon selection.
+ Active invoices are now properly discarded when leaving the build screen.
+ Made changes to fleet interception logic to address a pathological case that was causing Hiver intercepts to fail when they should not.
+ Fixed some Hiver Gate fleet loopholes.
+ Fixed an issue that was allowing speech events to play while disabled.
+ Fixed various text string errors.

+ Added curvature Compensation bonus for Liir.
+ Added phase dislocation tech bonus.
+ Added colony support trips configuration.
+ Support missions now default to the maximum possible trips.
+ Added station retrofitting.
+ Added click-to-focus for items in the fleet summary.
+ Support event dialogs now identify the supporting fleet.
+ Empire summary values now display in red and green to reflect change since the previous turn.
+ Asteroid monitors are now available as player buildable defenses.
+ Protectorate ship section effects.
+ The defense manager now displays incoming fleet vectors for pending encounters.
+ Zuul missions will now prompt for the automatic inclusion of a bore ship when necessary, instead of assuming that one is needed.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a stance selection related crash in combat.
+ Fixed the combat multiplayer de-sync that was on the list of known issues in the last update.
+ Fixed a crash related to exiting multiplayer combat prematurely.
+ Fixed a rare animation-related crash in combat.
+ Fixed a rare system killer related crash.
+ Fixed a recent issue in combat that was preventing ships from being selected.
+ Fixed a crash caused by cancelling a mission for a node boring Zuul fleet.
+ Fixed a crash related to upgrading a station that had not been in combat.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed known issues with movement on the government type graph.
+ Joker, GOOP and battle rider wing buttons now disappear from the HUD when the selected ships are too far from the viewer.
+ Fixed an issue where players were getting multiple salvage projects leading to the same tech.
+ Addressed issues where the AI player was bypassing fleet supply limitations when sending out missions.
+ Fixed the issue where missiles were not colliding with the ghost ship.
+ Fixed an issue where fleet missions would get hung up in systems with disabled relics or asteroid monitors.
+ Fixed the bug where effects from stations were active prior to completion of construction.
+ Fixed a bug that was allowing players to slot any weapon into a retrofitted design.
+ Fixed an issue where the system killer would not proceed on to the next star system.
+ Fixed an issue where Leviathans were taking armor damage on the wrong side in combat.
+ Fixed some flaws in the weapon ricochet calculations in combat.
+ It is no longer possible to see enemy ship tool tips.
+ Cleaned up some inconsistencies in the display of climate hazard ratings.
+ Fixed a bug that was allowing players to submit intercept missions when no fleets were available to do so.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing overlapping stations to appear in the system view and combat.

+ It is now possible to set the number of initial planets for each faction.
+ Some general ship section and weapon tweaks.
+ Combat Algorithms technology now allows an additional two cruisers instead of just one.
+ Battle Riders can now be launched by clicking the individual squad/wing buttons associated with each ship.
+ Ships can now be retrofitted.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a crash related to the star system tool tip on the star map.
+ Fixed multiplayer desync issues caused by clients dropping into a game in progress.
+ Fixed known crashes relating to battle riders.
+ Fixed a crash related to assimilating colonies.
+ Fixed a crash related to Suul'ka losing their home colonies.
+ Eliminated a fleet manager race condition that was leading to intermittent crashes.
+ Fixed known pre-combat UI crashes.
+ Fixed a rare crash related to admiral death and retirement.
+ Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when populating stations around asteroids.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed known ship and weapon data issues.
+ Fixed various known localization issues.
+ Karnak Targeting Module effects now working.
+ Scotsman Module effects now working.
+ Psi- and Life-Drain effects now damage planets.
+ Close to Attack behaviour now reflects race preferences.
+ Fixed known issues where budget projection was not matching reality for the next turn.
+ Fixed Morrigi Relic starting locations.
+ Fixed known issues with AI relating to Morrigi Relic.
+ Fixed some inconsistencies in the way Human and Zuul players retreat from combat.
+ Zuul bore ships now correctly retreat back to their homeworld when boring a new node line.
+ Deployed gate ships are no longer being included in additional combat rounds.
+ Deployed gate ships no longer get doubled up in combat.
+ Enemy gate ships are now visible in combat at your own systems.
+ Fixed incentive calculation issues.
+ Fixed a regression where construction missions were not being cancelled when the construction ships were destroyed.
+ Fixed known issues with Jammer ships not working in combat.
+ Jamming radius is now displayed in combat sensor view.
+ Light Emitters can now be fitted to battle riders.
+ Fixed known issues related to repairing Suul'ka.
+ Locked down issues where the game was not appearing to respond to mouse clicks.
+ Diplomacy reaction histories now display events pertaining to the correct players.
+ Diplomacy reactions related to relative empire size no longer occur for undiscovered empires.
+ Suul'ka will now correctly maximize psionic potential.
+ Fixed an issue where fleets could not be relocated when a Suul'ka was present.
+ Fixed known multiple-GM spawning issues.
+ Damage to modules now carries over from combat to strategy turns.
+ Improved Node Fighter behavior.
+ Treaty accept and reject dialogs now display the correct empire names.
+ Defenses, gates and reserve fleets are now correctly cleaned up when an empire is defeated.
+ Fixed the loophole that was allowing players to bypass feasibility studies.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing climate hazard values to display positive values all the time.
+ The battle manager is now more forgiving about placing fleets near planets.
+ Invasion missions now correctly apply morale, government and diplomatic penalties.
+ Fixed known issues related to colony support.
+ Fixed an issue where not all mines would be displayed in the sensor view in combat.
+ The node line collapse news event now correctly displays both system names.
+ Fixed issues related to intercept missions.
+ Force-firing on ships in combat will now force a war declaration in the strategy turn when appropriate.
+ Slave population numbers no longer reduce civilian population numbers.
+ Fixed morale bonus for police and propaganda ships.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing the game from removing ships from fleets that had exceeded their command point quota.
+ Fixed an issue where extra ships from retreating fleets were being transferred incorrectly.
+ It is no longer possible to request or demand items from independent factions.
+ Stations are now considered for combat rounds.
+ Addressed issues that were preventing the strategic AI from expanding its empire, especially after engaging in war with another empire.
+ Transient random encounters no longer hold on to control zones after combat ends.

Other Changes:
+ GOOP and Joker Module abilities are now available.
+ Missile attacks on your ship can now be initiated in the Weapons Test screen, using the new icon button.
+ Grappling cannon is now available.
+ AI now uses the node cannon and targeted missiles in combat.
+ Improved deep space encounter with system killer.
+ Defense Platform placement is no longer restricted to slots.
+ Tool tips in the design and build screens now display the design attributes.
+ It is no longer possible to launch riders while cloaked.
+ AI rebellions have been introduced.
+ Government shifts now occur in response to over-harvesting gem and forge worlds.
+ Introduced the surprise attack diplomatic action.
+ Empires now continue to be listed in the player list after defeat.
+ VRF Systems now increase appropriate weapon fire rates by 25%.
+ Food now occupies less space on colony support runs.
+ Reduced AI tendency to declare war.
+ It is now possible to reconfigure fleets on missions as long as the changes do not violate mission objectives.
+ Independent faction tech levels are now displayed.
+ Systems with a colony now receive 3 base defense points.
+ Retrofit designs are now available. (see known issues)
+ Introduced protectorate and incorporate treaties.

Known Issues:
- Designs can be retrofitted with new weapons, and new ships built from them, but retrofitting old ships is not yet ready.
- Deep space, multiplayer combat will desync.
- Tab or Home key is required to focus on lead ship in combat.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a known defense manager fleet list crash.
+ Fixed an end of combat crash related to combat involving neutral factions.
+ Made numerous sound system changes to help with frame rate issues.
+ Fixed a crash related to queued station modules.
+ Fixed a minefield related crash in combat.
+ Fixed a crash in the design screen related to selecting and submitting defense platforms.
+ Fixed a combat retreat crash.
+ Fixed a crash related to entering and exiting the empire manager.
+ Fixed known memory leaks in transitions to and from the star map.
+ Fixed a silent multiplayer crash related to random encounters.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the build screen.
+ Fixed a multiplayer hang that could occur versus lone gate ships.

Other Fixes:
+ Reduced ship spark effect density to help with frame rate issues.
+ Fixed an issue preventing the Repair All function from working.
+ Fixed an issue where a VN disintegrator beam could remain linked to ships that left its range.
+ It is no longer possible to cancel return missions for retreating fleets.
+ Fixed the issue where colonies were firing at targets outside of sensor range.
+ Fixed the issue where planets would mysteriously disappear from the list of colonization options.
+ Fixed an multiple combat round issue where the game would try to select eliminated fleets.
+ Fixed the issue where construction missions would leave stations under construction if the construction ships were destroyed.
+ Fixed known issues of missiles spinning in space.
+ Fixed a bug that was causing prototyped ships to become too cheap.
+ Fixed known issues where diplomatic actions could result in a negative cost, adding to a player's RDP instead of subtracting from it.
+ Addressed issues that were causing the AI to declare war too frequently.
+ Fixed the missing news event notifying players of war declarations against them.
+ Fixed an issue where colonies were not correctly reporting when they were developed.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing Hivers from upgrading gate stations fully.

Other Changes:
+ Build and design screens now show design attributes.
+ Made some improvements to the mine field placement flow in the defense manager.
+ Tracking weapons can now target the dish on a command monitor.
+ Fleets involved in multiple rounds of combat will lose additional endurance.
+ Non-Zuul factions are now attacked by pirates.
+ Developing colonies no longer support fleets.
+ Improved the research and feasibility study complete dialogs.
+ Variety of tweaks and corrections to ship turrets for all factions.


Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a new first-turn networked multiplayer crash.
+ Fixed a crash related to the Xavier module.
+ Fixed the issue that was causing Hiver gates not to function until
the game was reloaded.
+ Temporarily removed localization files causing crash on start-up for
German and Russian players.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed an issue where non-standard fleets could get into combat rounds.
+ Fixed an issue where module repair points were not being factored in
to the total.
+ Build orders are now cleaned up with a player's colonies are lost.
+ Espionage panel in the diplomacy screen now lists pending intel
operations for the turn.
+ Hiver gate icons now appear when gate ships are deployed.
+ Fixed new placeholder UI elements in the design screen.
+ Some weapon-related framerate optimization made in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where colony IO was not being redistributed when
either terraforming or infrastructure were maxed.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a game loading crash related to asteroid monitors.
+ Fixed all known crashes related to deep space interception.
+ Fixed a potential infinite loop in Hiver movement that could occur during turn processing.
+ Fixed known multiplayer de-sync issues that were leading to crashes.
+ Fixed a crash when returning from a demand or request with an indy.
+ Made optimizations to turn processing times.

Other Fixes:
+ Suul'ka can now be summoned again.
+ Mining and defense stations no longer double-charge players for construction.
+ Resolved conflicting broadside versus pursuit orders in combat.
+ Rapid prototyping now applies proper bonus.
+ Made changes to resolve minefield overlap and frame-rate issues.
+ Made changes to resolve PD phaser frame-rate issues.
+ Improperly configured requests and demands are no longer allowed to be committed.
+ Trade income is now correctly reported when no trading is available.
+ Fixed an issue where mining stations were not showing up in station construction options.
+ Fixed mis-labelled Zuul station types in news events.
+ Fixed an issue where colonization missions were not cancelling when critical ships were destroyed.
+ Fixed a known issue related to incorrect movement speed on the starmap.
+ Fixed issues that were preventing AI players from declaring war when they should.
+ Fixed an issue where heavy and planet missiles were not re-targeting in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where stations were reporting incorrect remaining and total structure.
+ Fixed an issue where in-transit fleets could be incorrectly displayed in repair dialogs.
+ Fixed issues where asteroid monitor encounters would cease to occur after destroying a command monitor.
+ Fixed some combat stance issues related to planets.
+ Fixed issues where alien habitation modules could take up standard habitation module slots.
+ Fixed a couple issues where warhead damage was not being adjusted correctly for researched technology.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing government graph from updating.
+ Fixed issues where missiles targeting spectres could damage a colony instead.
+ Addressed network de-sync issues with certain weapons in combat.
+ Addressed some turret arcs that weren't firing or engaging correctly.

+ Node Cannon and Node Maw weapons have been re-introduced for Zuul players.
***To use the Node Maw in combat, go to sensor view and click on the corresponding buttons above the desired Bore node points.***
***These will collapse the node points, to devastating effect for ships in the area.***
+ Updated combat screen GUI
+ Added a multiple combat system.
+ Added Morrigi tombs.
+ Introduced the ghost ship random encounter.
+ Turrets and modules now show up in the fleet manager.
+ Quantum disassociation now adds the intended 20% bonus to production.
+ Combat now occurs in multiple phases depending on the number of fleets present.
+ Intelligence-gathering missions can now be executed from the diplomacy screen.
+ Increased AI diplomacy reactions.
+ Increased savings required for morale boost.
+ Biosphere preservation now reduces consumption by 50%.
+ Colonies now get an initial bonus on the turn they are established.
+ Fleets that lose their command ships in combat will now disband and retreat.
+ Increased battle rider mission times.
+ Reduced the density of minefields.
+ Added new drone attack behaviors.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a handful of known multiplayer sync issues that could lead to crashes.
+ Fixed crashes when doing Zuul intercept mission
+ Fixed a crash caused by AI players attempting to ally with indy players.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing certain technologies from being unlocked.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing premature ending of combat in certain single-player and networked games.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed some overlapping text issues in the mission screens.
+ Survey complete and planet colonized dialogs now show interactive system and star map, respectively.
(Click the right/left buttons on the viewports to cycle.)
+ Fixed the drawing of intercept mission waypoints.
+ Fixed return trips for intercepts when a target fleet goes out of range.
+ Prevented Zuul ships from boring temporary node lines back from a deep space encounter.
+ Fixed the issue where Radiant Bore ships could not create node lines.
+ Gate Lab upgrade requirements can now be met.
+ Hiver gates now display Gate Lab module options.
+ Ships no longer flee so far from an incoming comet in combat.
+ The sensor view icon has been centered correctly on the comet in combat.
+ Fixed a function that allowed a non-player owned system to request a check for an enclave permission before colonizing a planet.
+ Fixed the provincial capital visual effect.
+ Fixed an issue where combat UI was allowing freighter speeds to be set.
+ Combat zones no longer appear in deep space combat.
+ The battle manager is no longer available for deep space encounter locations.
+ Fixed an issue where infrastructure was resetting to zero each time a planet was recolonized.
+ Zuul trade now unlocks correctly.
+ Barren planets now have some resources.
+ Fixed issues where inappropriate battle riders were being used to aid in surveys.

Other changes:
+ Reduced overthrust in combat.
+ Ships with drones now survey faster.


Critical Fixes:
+ All known crashes related to fleet lists and drag-drop have been fixed.
+ Fixed a diplomacy point generation crash.
+ Fixed a crash related to improper battle rider cleanup after combat.
+ Fixed issues where weapon banks were being misidentified. These changes will break some existing games.
+ Fixed a pirate encounter related crash and lockup.
+ Fixed a crash related to adding ships to a fleet.

Other Fixes:
+ AI players now have personal preferences when researching.
+ Rider placement in Rider Manager screen fixed.
+ Fixed a bug where new admirals were being assigned to fleets in deep space.
+ Salvage odds now take correct ships and races into account.
+ Volume slider now affects GUI sounds as well.
+ Fixed issue that was having impact on screen transition times.
+ Recent combat effects no longer show up on systems outside sensor range.
+ Save games now recall initial encounter and GM settings.
+ Increased morale penalty associated with raising taxes.
+ Fixed an issue where civilian populations were not resuming growth after recent combat.
+ Cancelled missions now return fleets immediately if possible.
+ Fixed issues related to constructing mining stations.
+ Added support missions.
+ Fixed a number of minor visual glitches in UI appearance.
+ Hardened Structures now behave correctly.
+ Fixed an issue where battle riders were not assignable in the battle rider manager.
+ Fixed incorrect production cost display for prototyped designs.
+ Fleets outside of sensor range can no longer be selected.
+ Added missing animations to Zuul Immersion content. This was preventing certain weapons from functioning.
+ All budget pie charts are now buttons that transition to the Empire Summary.
+ Fixed the loophole allowing feasibility studies to be skipped.
+ Icons are now clearly visible for deployed gates on the star map.
+ Fixed all known instances of Human AI players slow-boating fleets.
+ Encounters tuned.
+ Kalvenic Torpedoes tweaked.
+ Inertial Cannon (standard and heavy) added. Each shot will slow down target properly.

Additions and Changes
+ Interception missions are now available.
+ New drone and assault shuttle designs are now selectable on carriers.
+ Grav Cannon added.
+ Tar Baby COL added.
+ Cry Baby COL added.
+ Thud Missile added.
+ Leech Rounds added.
+ Improvements to VN encounters made.

Known Issues:
- Fixes to game data will likely break existing save games.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a multiplayer combat desync that could occur in games
involving more than two players.
+ Fixed a crash related to unlocking salvage projects.
+ Fixed a pirate combat crash.

Other Fixes:
+ Stimulus sliders now default to zero when starting a new game.
+ Ships can no longer be dragged in and out of defense fleets in the
repair widget.
+ Fixed an issue where too many battle riders were being added to
defense platforms.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed crashes from indy demands when they do not have a value to select.
+ Fixed a possible crash with pirate-related combat.
+ Fixed a Hiver pathing crash related to retreating.
+ Fixed a plague-related crash.
+ Fixed an emitter-related crash in combat.
+ Fixed all strategic turn-related multiplayer sync issues.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed Scansats and Dronesats not appearing in defense manager widget.
+ Added Battlerider Sats to defense manager.
+ Fixed biome colonizers from hurting biosphere when terraforming.
+ Fixed independents with "RandomOrbital" as their homeworld names.
+ Indy factions now only get one faction type per star system per game.
+ Zuul are no longer able to initiate trade treaties with other factions.
+ Fixed a miscalculation with the tax rate slider.
+ Enabled Diplomacy Interactions on Independent Races you have
completed a study on.
+ Made Survey Button in Independent Study Complete Dialog more clear.
+ Tribute stations now unlock the trade view for Zuul.
+ Star systems now show an effect where recent combats have occurred.
+ Building a science station at an independent world now unlocks a
special research project.
+ Players may no longer repair using enemy systems.
+ Fixed an edge case for when stimulus rolls tried to use data about a
player's homeworld that did not exist.
+ Alien habitation modules now increase RDP.
+ Indy players who lose their colonies are now eliminated from the game.
+ Studied asteroid monitors are now moved into the defense fleet of
the star system/player and will properly function in combat.
+ Modules now yield repair point bonuses.
+ Fixed some defence platforms not being recognized or added to the
defense widget.
+ Fixed known combat zone reassignment issues.
+ Addressed fleet reassignment and naval support capacity issues.
+ Fixed localization names for interceptor missiles.
+ Fixed some overlap/string cutoff issues in UI.
+ Fixed various UI issues in the diplomacy screen.
+ Splinter factions now display the correct avatars.
+ Fixed an issue where splinter factions and easter eggs could show up
as diplomatic entities.
+ Fixed an issue preventing engagement of Hiver gates.
+ Players are now awarded bounties for destroying pirate ships.
+ Neutral indy factions no longer prevent colonization.
+ Friendly Asteroid Monitors now appear in the defense manager.
+ Fixed an issues where the news events were not displaying correctly
for the current turn.
+ Fixed the Line Abreast formation in the fleet manager.
+ Fixed some known turret arc issues.
+ Fixed known issue where heavy turrets on Zuul Armada section not
tracking or firing.

Known Issues:
- A network sync error may occur with combat rounds involving 3 or more players.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed plague-related crash.
+ Fixed a crash with the asteroid encounter.
+ Fixed a rare crash bug with interdict missions.
+ Fixed a crash related to building stations that could be caused by
loading older save games.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed graphical bug where SDB's would not sit in correct slot.
+ Added missing cancel button to treaty request dialog.
+ Fixed an issue where armor display would not update correctly when
switching designs in the design screen.
+ Fixed a couple of lingering missing localized text.
+ Fixed Hiver and Liir Deep Scan bonuses not being applied.
+ Fixed planet scale in the battle manager.
+ Having a population hovering at 50% no longer saps resources from planets.
+ Fixed an issue with slavers no removing their fleets in some cases.
+ Naval stations now include Command Modules in CP calculation.
+ Players may no longer request gates of non-Hiver players.
+ Fleet positions set in the battle manager no longer carry over to
other star systems.
+ Fixed a potential issue where the AI could go bankrupt early in the game.

Other Changes:
+ Stations are now labelled in the battle manager.
+ Added confirmation for leaving build screen without committing a
pending order.
+ Abandoned colonies no longer remove science and naval stations.
+ Hooked up sounds to cancel mission events.
+ Added Pathfinder and Livingstone admiral traits.

Known Issues:
- Deep Scan designs from older saves may not work correctly when loaded into newer versions of the game.
- Drone variants have been added, but thier behaviour has not.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed crash on startup for Russian players.
+ Fixed crash that could occur when attempting to scrap stations.
+ Fixed crash that could occur when exiting the Battle Manager after
placing fleets.

Other Fixes:
+ Stations will no longer show up alongside fleets in transit.
+ Battle Manager fleet positions are now obeyed.

Other Changes:
+ Added Slaver encounter.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a plague-related turn update crash.
+ Fixed a combat psionic effect-related crash.

Other Fixes:
+ Diplomatic points are now being accumulated and applied.
+ Heavy planet missiles are now working.
+ System entry points and approach vectors are now working.
+ Ships now recover psionic power each turn based on the empire's psi potential.
+ Fixed neutral combat zones not returning to the system's owner.
+ Fixed an issue where options window revert button was not working correctly.
+ Fixed an issue with incorrect speech timeouts.
+ Zuul civilians are no longer considered in slave calculations.
+ Fixed an issue where fleet travel distance was not being reported correcly.
+ Zuul players are no longer queried for alternate mission route
confirmations unless this is necessary.
+ Fixed localization issues with admiral traits.
+ Structure and armor bonuses now show correctly in the design screen.
+ Fixed known issues where reserve fleets could go missing.
+ Drones in the bottom wing of Hiver Dreadnoughts now launch.
+ Slave disks now connect with the correct ship sections.
+ Reduced speech spamming in the design screen.
+ Fixed floating modules on Human dreadnoughts.
+ Fixed a corner case preventing combat with hiver gates.
+ Colony support missions now stop correctly if the target colony is destroyed.
+ Fixed a couple odd issues where fleets were not correctly considered
to be 'at' a system.
+ Combat AI now deploys battle riders more intelligently.
+ Fixed an issue where crewless ships were preventing players from
entering accelerated time in combat.
+ Fixed the issue where requesting surrender of an empire could lock
out camera control.
+ Fixed the issue of invalid save game names crashing the game.
+ Fixed an issue where crewless ships were preventing the end of combat.
+ Fixed the visual glitch with torpedo trails.
+ Fixed the issue where fleets in transit could be unselectable.
+ Fixed an issue where the strategic AI was creating duplicate ship designs.
+ Fixed an issue where surveying fleets were returning home if
hostiles were encountered.
+ Fixed known issues with Land Grab and Leviathan victory conditions.
+ Victory conditions are now correctly reported when all other players
are eliminated.
+ Fixed an issue where trade income was not being synchronized
correctly in networked games.
+ Fixed an issue where client player status was not being updated
correctly in networked games involving more than 2 clients.

Other Changes:
+ Sound volume now updates in real time.
+ Mine fields and SDBs (System Defense Boats) can now be placed in the
Battle Manager and activated in combat by clicking their icons in sensor view.
+ Mission screens not grey out systems that are not viable.
+ Sensor, support and trade views now grey out systems that are out of range.
+ Stations now appear along with fleets, and they can now be repaired
through the standard repair dialog.
+ News events are now reported for lost or retired admirals.
+ The repair dialog can now be called up at any system.
+ The game now agressively seeks out and frees memory consumed by game
assets where possible. This should help players who are running into performance issues due to memory consumption.
+ Updated star map node line and mini-ship visuals.
+ New encounters are available or have been re-introduced, including:
The system killer, asteroid showers, spectres and swarmers. More are on the way.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking to launch a bio-missile
+ Fixed all known issues preventing combat with deployed Hiver gates.
+ Fixed a crash that would occur if duplicate province names were selected.
+ Fixed a crash caused by the trade stimulus phase of the turn update.
+ Fixed a crash related to erroneous reactionary movements versus
undiscovered star systems.
+ Fixed a multiplayer desync in combat that could lead to players not
being able to move ships and a potential crashes after combat ended.
+ Fixed a turn update crash related to checking certain victory conditions.
+ Fleets are no longer held up indefinitely at systems with enemies.
This addresses issues where missions could not be cancelled.
+ Fixed reported divide by zero crashes.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed an issue where players could select the same psionic power
twice for a design.
+ Added missing Morrigi bio-missile collision shape.
+ Fixed accuracy/aiming issues with fixed mounts on drones and ships.
+ Tarka Hunters are now constrained to Tarka Hunter Carriers and said
carriers can no longer take other battle rider types.
+ Dead ships no longer show up in sensors.
+ Fixed the issue where ships were auto-targeting uninhabited planets in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where assault shuttles were not returning from a
planet if it was defeated.
+ Fixed an issue where techs that should add to the production cost of
ships were reducing the production cost instead.
+ Fixed issues with duplicated psionic icons in the selector.
+ Fixed issue with modules not loading in the design screen.
+ Fixed the issue where AI players would issue missions to unknown star systems.
+ Fixed an issue where certain ship armor data could go missing.
+ Fixed an issue where the battle rider manager was not showing riders
already assigned to ships.
+ Gate traffic cost is no longer applied for fleets already at their
+ Fixed an issue where the starmap display was not updated after
committing an upgrade mission.
+ Fixed some known turret arc issues.
+ Fixed an issue where PD missiles were not taking out other missiles.
+ Added a fail-safe to certain effects that might not otherwise
expire, creating a memory leak in combat.

Other Changes:
+ Tweaks to drones.
+ Hooked up Psionic recharge bar.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a combat memory leak.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking the research cube on
the star map.
+ Fixed a crash that would occur in the research screen when the
slider was set all the way to government.
+ Torpedoes now apply damage to planets.
+ Fixed a bug that caused battleriders to crash the design tooltip.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when requesting enclaves.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed missing Bio-missile art for Morrigi.
+ Fixed a couple Human, Hiver and Morrigi DLC art issues.
+ Fixed the problem with some carriers not being able to rotate while
riders were docked.
+ Fixed an issue with riders taking too long to dock.
+ Fixed a couple issues that were leading to phantom fleets, related
to deployed gates and defense fleets.
+ Carriers can now carry other carriers.
+ Fixed an issue where loaded games could mix up player ID's.
+ Fixed known issues with Kingfisher.
+ Fixed issues where ships were not targeting stations correctly in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where destroying the mission section on the ship
would kill all crew onboard.
+ Fixed an issue with Game Setup options resetting when switching maps.
+ Fixed issues with combat AI splitting targets.
+ Fixed issues where bio-missiles were not launching.
+ Added missing bonus for Expert Systems.
+ Added missing bonus for Orbital Drydocks.
+ Added missing bonus for Heavy Platforms.
+ Corrected bonus for Materials Applications.
+ Fixed a bug that was causing designs to return incorrect attributes
once they had been committed.
+ Fixed a bug that was reporting the build times for ships with naval
stations incorrectly.
+ Removed duplicate "destination" text from fleet lists.
+ Made a change to address the concern that missiles would continue to
move after combat had ended.
+ Battle riders are now silent while docked.
+ Fixed known issues where tracking weapons would fail to hit ship
targets after their sections were destroyed.
+ Turrets no longer fire missiles after the crew are killed.
+ Fixed an issue where assault shuttles would not return to tender.
+ Fixed combat AI not launching battle riders.
+ Fixed the decimal place in reported post-combat damage.
+ Fixed issue where ships would not point off the horizontal combat
plane to aim.
+ Fixed an issue where the AI was making poor/mixed weapon decisions
when designing ships.
+ Fixed an issue where a colonization was available for targets with
known enemy colonies.
+ Fixed a handful of sounds that did not have attenuation set and were
therefore audible from everywhere in combat.
+ Fixed known issues where the Hiver gate traffic was not being
updated correctly.
+ Fixed known issues where Liir were no longer being slowed in
proximity to gravity wells.
+ Addressed handful of engine types that could be heard constantly
regardless of distance from camera.
+ Addressed variety of standard turrets that weren't able to target straight up.

Other Changes and Additions:
+ Psionics can now be researched, designed into ships and activated in the game.
+ It is now possible to repair riders in the repair dialog.
+ Added antialiasing to many parts of the game. 3D scenes now use FXAA
antialiasing by default, which can be disabled in the launcher if desired.
+ Reduced fleet icon click radius on the star map.
+ Biomissile and other super-class weapons are now reported in the
post-combat dialog.
+ Added plague effects.
+ Increased pitch range of turrets across the board to make them more
effective at PD off the combat plane.
+ Sensor range discs now have clearly defined boundaries in combat.

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed AI from taking control of players in slots other than slot 1
+ Fixed upgrade missions from using the wrong system to populate upgrade options
+ Fixed issues with upgrade missions.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed missing start node lines for Humans
+ Fixed an incorrect calculation for ship construction that caused the player to have less production then they were supposed

to have.
+ Fix missing Battle Cruiser and Battle Ship Categories
+ Fixed module weapons
+ Fixed spectres not being attacked by planetary beams when merged with planets
+ Fixed some animations for Liir battleriders
+ Fixed minor projector bugs
+ Fixed the order of fleets in all mission screens

Other Changes and Additions:
+ Minor tech tree and ship tuning changes

Known issues
+ Launcher not properly reflecting game version number

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Re: SotS2 Update Superlist

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Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a ship module sound issue that could potentially cause leaks.
+ Optimized code that was contributing to longer turn times and slower combat.
+ Fixed a bug that was causing combat to be initiated when no ships
were present.
+ Fixed the issue where invisible enemy fleets could still be selected
on the star map.
+ Fixed the bug where additional armor layers were not being carried
over into combat.
+ Fixed the issue where the strategic AI was not researching outside
of initial core technologies.

Other Fixes:
+ Addressed known bad turret arcs on numerous ship sections.
+ Fixed known issues with combat AI assigning objectives to ships.
+ Fixed issues with the design screen weapon panel not closing.
+ Fixed the intermittent bug that would cause icons not to be laid out
correctly when switching ships in the design screen.
+ Added missing combat sensor icons.
+ Fixed the bug where simulated and full combat start positions would differ.
+ Numerous fixes to known issues with Psionics effects in combat.
+ Fixed Neutron Round and Accelerated Amplification effects.
+ Fixed some issues where star system ownership visuals could get out
of sync in the star map.
+ Addressed known issues with disruptors and deflectors.
+ Addressed known issues with minelayers.
+ Rapidly clicking buttons will no longer bypass feasibility studies.
+ Slave discs now attach to ships other than Scavengers.
+ Made some changes to address the strategic AI spending itself to death.
+ Fixed an issue where COL launchers were not orienting to face the target.
+ Addressed known issues with node lines and fleet travel.
+ Fixed some issues with fleets showing up behind routes.
+ Fixed a bug where fleet pathing would sometimes return an incomplete route.
+ Addressed known issues with DLC materials.
+ Fixed a bug related to colonizing systems with more than one colony.
+ Fixed a bug with armor alignment on tooltips.
+ Fixed the bug where research was not being cancelled when going too
far over budget.

Other Changes and Additions:
+ Build screen now sorts available ship classes, and only shows
classes that you have designs for.
+ Implemented Smart Nanite effects.
+ Stealth armor on all sections now correctly reduces sensor signature in strat.
+ Full functionality for Liir battlecruisers and battleships.
+ Full functionality for mines and cracker COLs.
+ Improved grappling hook physics.
+ Effective ranges for ships used in stance positioning no longer
include PD weapons unless requested.
+ Numerous ship section, weapon and module data tweaks.
+ It is now possible to select a direct route for Zuul bore ships to travel.
+ Updated UI for upgrade missions.
+ Updated combat UI introducing new cloaking, stance buttons, facing
buttons and a priority weapon toggle.
+ Fixed some spelling errors in UI.


- Added better battlerider behaviours
- Added drone healing and autolaunching
- Added patrol positions in combat
- Added a fleet widget tooltip to show ship information from any fleet listing.
- Added gravity mines and tar pit functionality

Major Bugs
- Fixed a crash involcing salvage projects that occured after combat with a zuul player
- Fixed a hang with the zuul intercept missions
- Fixed a number of incorrect ship section and module stats
- Added ship options to a number of ships
- Fixed a crash caused by the Von Neumanns in combat
- Fixed a crash caused by critical hit repairs
- Fixed a crash caused by dead AI admirals trying to repurpose fleets.
- Fixed an issue with reserve fleets causing false combat for a turn.

Minor Bugs
- Fixed the critical hit for shield generator to function correctly.
- Changed the default ship construction on planets back to zero
- Fixed a framerate issue with overlapping ships in combat
- Fixed a framerate issue with gate ships in intercept combat
- Fixed the weapon panel to no longer show destroyed weapons
- Added a primary weapon to ships to determine closing distance for pursuit
- Fixed planet missiles from attacking themselves when spectres are attacking the planet
- Fixed the battle rider button to only enable if the carrier is able to launch
- Fixed being able to select things other then the design ship in the design screen
- Moved station spawns closer to planets
- Fixed a bug in the tech tree that allowed the camera to focus on nothing
- Removed unneeded sliders and ship designs related to trade when FTL economics are not researched
- Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect tech state for feasible techs
- Fixed gate ships getting incorrect spawn positions in combat
- Fixed mesh particles from always spawning at their effect position
- Fixed a label in the fleet widget from overlapping it's list
- Fixed the starmap so that it focused on your home system if a certain option was checked
- Fixed disabled states on sliders so that they are more obviously disabled.
- Made the combat preview focus on the system the combat is taking place in
- Added art for admiral promotion events
- Fixed VN disintigrator beam range
- Fixed the defaults shields from not showing up in the design screen
- Fixed mining station costs
- Fixed a missing icon for adaptive buttresses
- Fixed some turret arcs on the torpedo mission sections
- Removed an extra quote from a localized string
- Fixed the cost of human large habitation modules
- Increased supply and track speed of guass PD
- Increased track speed of Phaser PD
- Increased track speed an muzzle speed of laser PD
- Added disabled state to controls of a colony when it is not owned by a player, but still visible to them
- Fixed a number of incorrect turret arcs


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed the crash that could occur in turn updates during AI fleet management.
+ Station sensor ranges are now enabled again.
+ Provinces are once again only visible once discovered.
+ Fixed known issues regarding rejoining games in the correct player slot.
+ Fixed the crash caused by fleets losing their supporting systems while in transit.
+ Enemy fleets no longer appear in the fleet manager.
+ Fixed an issue where ships could become stuck in a permanently spinning state.
+ Fixed issues relating to excessive force imparted by weapons.
+ Fixed the issue where clicking the menu button in the star map after entering the planet manager would lock out UI control.
+ Fixed the crash that could occur due to combat occurring at a star system with pending station construction.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed a number of Tarka ship and module art issues.
+ Fixed a neutral combat issue for systems involving more than 2 players and one player is neither at war nor allied with any other.
+ Fixed issues where weapons were not auto-targeting planets.
+ Fixed known issues where combat sensor data was shared incorrectly between players. There were some diplomatic edge cases here.
+ Fixed an issue where too much damage was being applied in simulated combat.

Other Changes:
+ Drones now automatically launch from platforms.
+ Fleets now display sensor range bubbles once again.
+ Level four and five station structure values have been increased.
+ Added default names to AI fleets.
+ Added three new star maps: Duel, The Heavens and The SotsVerse.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed issues where stations and special encounter enemies were not being removed from the game when eliminated.
+ Fixed the issue where existing profile names with apostrophes would cause a crash.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur with a neutral engagement.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when upgrading stations.
+ Fixed known issues where colony information would not disappear for a player, preventing re-colonization and causing a crash in some cases.
+ Fixed the issue where moons were not listed as candidates for viable colonies.
+ Fixed the issue where moon climate hazard was being reported incorrectly in some cases.
+ Fixed excessively large station sensor ranges.
+ Fixed the issue where strike missions would not end automatically.
+ Fixed missing trade info on systems.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed an issue where weapon forces were not being applied.
+ Fixed a rare issue ship-not-responding navigation issue.
+ Fixed an issue where boarding pods were causing ships to disappear.
+ Fixed known issues where boarding actions were not taking over ships.
+ Fixed some known issues regarding ship starting positions in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where critical hits were being incorrectly applied to drones.

Other Changes:
+ Accelerated combat enemy range distance has been reduced.
+ Reduced combat scale a bit more.
+ Improved station construction mission UI.
+ Survey missions now abort when encountering enemies at a colony.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed a crash that could occur within the strategic AI could not determine which ships to construct for a fleet.
+ Fixed another crash related to selecting shield options in the design screen.
+ Mission estimates are back.
+ Fixed a crash related to fleet selection in the Battle Manager.
+ Fixed an issue where the star mapo camera could become locked after selecting a system for a diplomatic event.
+ Fixed a feasibility study crash.
+ Fixed mine frame rate issues.
+ Fixed mine audio issues.
+ Fixed frame rate issues when selecting large numbers of ships in combat.
+ Fixed an issue where fleet entry positions were not taking advantage of closer control zones.
+ Fixed the issue where game setup parameters were being lost when reloading a saved game.
+ Players rejoining hosted saved games will now be moved to their respective slots when possible.

Other Fixes:
+ Strike missions against stations now require the targets to be in sensor range.
+ Added missing Ionic and Shield Breaker weapon attributes.
+ Fixed an issue where Siege Drivers were not causing damage.
+ Added missing psionic abilities to modules.
+ Added missing tactical sensor range to colonies.
+ Fixed an issue that stopped cancelled fleets from being able to be issued new missions right away
+ Fixed an issue that caused the autosave to save the wrong turn number
+ Fixed a trigger constraint with the von neumanns
+ Fixed issues with calculating fleet ranges.
+ Fixed an issue where the endurance rating for fleets was falling below one turn.
+ Boarding pods are no longer factored into fleet endurance calculations.
+ Armor display on the design screen now updates correctly when changing techs.
+ Fixed an issue where colonization missions would not resume after clearing enemies out.
+ Fixed the bug where non Zuul factions where getting node line collapse events.
+ Fixed issues with station module assignment.
+ Fixed a number of small resizing issues in fleet lists.
+ Added missing combat fleet placements for neutral encounters.
+ Fixed an issue where damaged ships entered combat destroyed sections not properly connected.
+ Fixed various boarding pod issues.
+ Fixed issues with weapon target leading.
+ Added missing economic and research efficiency connections.
+ Von Neumann homeworld starts hidden once again.
+ Fixed Fire Control and AI Fire Control section effects.
+ Fixed an issue where all weapons would fire immediately when coming out of overthrust.

Other Changes:
+ Sensor memory and is now working.
+ Improved interfaces for all mission types except Station Construction and Upgrade.
+ Added features to the combat UI.
+ Introduced a Surveyed Systems view mode for the star map.
+ Reduced size of tactical star system.
+ Introduced surrounding behavior to combat AI.
+ Reduced structure of all ship sections.
+ Various weapon tweaks.
+ Made improvements to the research screen interface.
+ Added tooltips to all tech selections on the design screen.

Key Known Issues:
*** This update breaks old save games. ***
- Deployed gates are not showing up in combat.
- Some moon orbits are still incorrect.


Critical Fixes:
+ ** Fixed known empty fleet issues caused by orphaned battle riders not being removed. **
+ Fixed crash due to module instance count not matching actual module count.
+ Fixed the crash caused by selecting fleets while in the province edit mode.
+ Fixed the crash caused by multiple special encounters (for instance System Killer and Asteroid Monitor) at the same system.
+ Fixed the reported colony update crash.
+ Fixed the reported System Killer crash.
+ Fixed a crash caused by bad data in certain turn events.
+ Fixed a crash that could be caused by transferring a battle rider to reserves.
+ Fixed the crash caused by a colonization fleet being destroyed just prior to the appearance of the Colony Self-Sufficient dialog.
+ Fixed a potential crash that could be caused by removal of collision from dying objects.
+ Fixed a crash that could be caused by not having enough admirals for starting fleets.
+ Fixed planetary missiles not firing.
+ Fixed numerous known issues with fleet pathing.
+ Fixed a bug where a different station would be upgraded than the one selected.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed known issues with Battle Cruisers.
+ Fixed an issue where detonating weapons were not selecting the correct targets.
+ Fixed known issues with lagging PD target tracking and PD target selection.
+ Improved general target leading in combat.
+ Increased turret tracking speeds in general.
+ Fixed an issue where multi-volley weapon firing sequences were being timed incorrectly.
+ Fixed an issue where drones were not firing their targets.
+ Disabling a Command Monitor or its turrets now forces a neutral state to eliminate unwanted combat.
+ Fixed an issue where battle riders were launching in the design screen.
+ Fixed known issues with the Combat HUD showing incorrect information for multiple ship selections.
+ Fixed an issue that was causing jitter from ships in formation flying around planets in overthrust mode.
+ Immigration slider is now hidden until until the correct technology is available.
+ Fixed an issue where disruptors were not disabling turrets.
+ Fixed a few smaller issues with Protean placement.
+ Fixed the issue where battle riders were not being provided with default ships.
+ Fixed the missing Siege Driver impact effect.
+ Fixed many localization typos.
+ Fixed known turret arc issues.
+ Fixed some material issues on various Human faction models.
+ Fixed an issue where stance changes were being erroneously applied to battle riders and stations.
+ Fixed bug where player was being charged for civilian built mining station.
+ Fixed bug where enemy fleets would show up in phantom fleet widget when turn is ended.
+ Rewrote turn transition interface flow to more accurately represent turn processing time.
+ Removed scrim from GUI loading lockout, which may eliminate the rare reports of being stuck on a screen forever.
+ Fixed bug where tooltips would be one line no matter how long they where.
+ Fixed known issues with variable weapons in the weapon test screen.
+ Fixed known issues where Drone carriers were not attaching drones.
+ Fixed known issue where meteors could not be destroyed.
+ Fixed an issue where weapon recharge times were double the intended value.
+ Fixed bug with Zuul where all civilians where being considered as slaves
+ Updated colony UI to properly represent slave vs civilian population.
+ Fixed a bug where a player's own colonies could be misinterpreted as being out of sensor range.

Other Changes:
+ Added new Double Helix star map.
+ Introduced combat AI surround and flank behaviors.
+ Adjusted some tech costs.
+ Made improvements to the research screen.
+ Tutorial pop-ups for Research and Starmap updated to reflect changes.
+ Added border and background to star map fleet and planet lists.
+ Planet orbital position changes have been disabled.
+ Asteroid Monitor special projects have been added.
+ Colonies will now launch heavy missiles if the population is high enough.
+ Introduced corrosive ship damage from weapons.
+ Added a better visual effect for ships being disrupted by EMP.
+ Improved strategic AI capabilities.

Key Known Issues:
*** This update breaks old save games. ***
- Tempest Array weapons are not firing.
- Some star systems have anomalous moon orbits.
- System Killer auto resolve is not producing results.
- Tarkas and Zuul Dreadnoughts have various turret arc corrections still to be made.


+ Fixed Node Line deteriorating event crash.
+ Fixed colony destroyed crash.
+ Fixed VN target crash.
+ Fixed a von neumann constraint violation that was adding a bogus target.
+ Fixed constraint violation when inserting a weapon bank.
+ Fixed System Killer move order crash.
+ Star map nebula and other features are back.
+ Fixed colony populations not updating.
+ Added colony max repair points calculation to database to fix various bugs with colonies as repair ships.
+ Fixed inconsistency bug where ships requiring repair where not showing up in repair widget.
+ Fixed rounding bug where slightly damaged ships could never be repaired fully.
+ Fixed Liir Flickerwarp availability.
+ Fixed Spinal Mount availability.
+ Fixed numerous module, section and technology descriptions.


- Fixed crash when launching drones in weapon test screen, backing to design screen, and then switching mission sections
- Fixed crash caused by opening battle manager at a system where platforms are available for placement.
- Fixed crash that could occur when destroying weapons in combat.
- Fixed crash at end of turn when offering treaty
- Fixed occasional crash due to Main Menu combat
- Enemy AI will prioritize faction opponents over random encounters when choosing stance
- Strat AI will now prefer to enter conquering stance over expansion when past the war threshold.
- Modified the calculation for AI expansion factor, it will no longer take into account unexplored systems.
- Various adjustments to enemy AI's decision-making process
- Various adjustments to enemy AI to properly utilized specialized weapons
- Added combat UI for clicking on target locations for relevant weapons (Siege Driver, Detonating Torpedoes and COL).

- Fixed bug where platforms weren't showing up in defense manager
- Fixed bug where ships built with new Gate designs would not be available for the Gate mission.
- Fixed a bug where dissolving a fleet would lead to empty fleets.
- Seige Drivers working for all factions
- Fixed known issues with mine laying in combat.
- Fixed missing repair capacity on relevant ship sections.
- Minelayer sections working for all factions
- Fixed mine behaviour (depending on mine - tracking, etc.)
- Fixed various Torpedo sections that weren't firing
- Fixed arc of movement on all Zuul free-beam turrets
- COL weapons added.
- PD weapons now only engage PD targets
- Targets engaged per turret, not per bank (allowing PD, Torps, etc. engage multiple targets)
- Fixes for various weapon icons/names
- Fixed handful of missing tech descriptions
- Salvage missions are now properly being generated
- Fixed prototype modifiers for Human faction
- Fixed salvage profits
- Fixed weapon cost calculation in designs
- Ship option savings cost multipliers are now applied per section instead of per ship.
- Fixed various diplomatic messages that weren't displaying
- Fixed incorrect calculation of turret efficiency based on power and crew.
- Technical knowledge now gathered during combat
- Research progress now displayed in Research screen
- Completed technologies now clearly marked in green
- Fixed bug where players were unable to build habitations for their own race
- Fixed bug where Zuul players could build alien habitations
- Allowable distance between systems in a province has been increased to 8-ly.
- Fixed various turrets with odd parameters and placement
- Fixed various weapons with odd parameters
- Fixed Morrigi BR AM engine label (not a streak engine)
- Added ability to set initial fire mode and target filter when creating a ship design
- Any ships left in a removed fleet are now properly cleared
- Introduced new Scan Satellites and Torpedo Satellites
- Any remaining ships in a removed fleet will now be deleted
- Fix to a constraint violation between diplomacy and turn events
- Combat ready ships will increase the calculate strength of an empire more than utility ships
- Fixed defense platforms not showing up in Combat
- Fixed known issues with tracking speed on turrets
- Introduced initial pass diplomacy requests and demands
- Fixed a sound bug when constructing stations (event played when ordered, not completed)
- Fix potential issue where system/planet killer would not avoid a station in its path
- Added weapon panel configuration to design screen
- Fixed known issues with direct-fire torpedoes behaving incorrectly
- Fixed known issues where boarding pods and assault shuttles were not able to connect to ships
- Fixed rider patrol paths around a star

Known Issues
*** This update breaks old save games. ***
- Human faction unable to select typo of COL for COL section ships.
- Slaves and system information are not yet hooked up to diplomacy.


Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed crash when deleting favorite invoices.
+ Restricted transfer to defense fleet from fleet manager, which could have led to a crash.
+ Fixed the memory leak/crash when displaying range/damage graphs for weapons that don't supply these values.
+ Fixed a crash in simulated combat related to fleets not being removed.
+ Fixed crash caused by colony intel not being removed when colony lost.
+ Fixed crash caused by only allowing a single defense fleet per system (should be defense fleet per system per player).
+ Fixed per-player initial technologies, colonies and savings.
+ Fixed duplicate module icons when exiting the design screen with the module selector present.
+ Fixed crashes related to new treaty news event messages.

Other Fixes:
+ Increased trade ranges for Human, Tarkas, and Liir-Zuul factions (game must be restarted for change to take effect.)
+ Fixed bug where battle riders would stay in construction system.
+ Fixed bug where bore ships where not refreshing node lines.
+ Added "No Module" item to the module selector.
+ Fixed bug where drones were not returning to tender in the weapon test screen.
+ Fixed issue where friendly ships were pursuing and firing at each other in combat.
+ Added research tech button to feasibility study dialog.
+ Changed research cube visual and added feasibility state.
+ Removed ability to build alien zuul habitations.
+ Removed alien habitation requirements from science stations.
+ Fixed bug where Alien habitations where showing up for races that werent encountered.
+ Fixed bug where foreign habitations would show up with no foreign player encountered.
+ IOBM's now actively acquire new targets.
+ Hooked up names properly on favorite invoices.

Other Changes:
+ Tool tips added for ship statistic icons, weapon target filter and weapon behavior buttons.
+ Tweaked beam impact effects.
+ Tweaked combat AI behavior.
+ Disabled abandon colony button in New Colony dialog

Discussion: posting.php?mode=edit&f=52&p=343320


+ Fixed the bug where alien habitations would not become constructible on discovery of alien races.
+ Fixed initial battle riders not showing up in initial fleets.
+ Fixed a crash related to ship design options.
+ Fixed known issues with weapon/shield interactions.
+ Fixed an issue where control zones were not being updated after combat.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when accessing defensive fleet positions after coming out of combat.
+ Fixed an issue with unresponsive ships in AI controlled combat.
+ Fixed a combat AI crash related to switching objectives.
+ Fixed known cases where required ship design options could be removed.
+ Fixed a post-combat crash caused by accessing information for destroyed ships.
+ Fixed the crash caused by accessing the Battle Manager for an empty star system.
+ Fixed a crash caused by missing module information text.
+ It is no longer possible to scrap enemy ships.
+ Added missing tool freighter, imports and trade goods tool-tips.
+ Added missing treaty accepted and treaty declined text.
+ Hooked up point of interest pings in sensor manager for certain random encounters.


*** This update hasn't been tested extensively on old save games. ***

Critical Fixes:
+ Improved turn times, especially for games with a large number of systems or players.
+ Fixed an issue in combat that was preventing players or AI from issuing waypoints for ships.
+ Fixed a crash the could occur when issuing orders to a ship with no crew.
+ Fixed a crash when entering combat with a beam-equipped planet.
+ Fixed an rare crash when entering combat that could be caused by destroyed turrets.
+ Fixed a combat AI crash related to ship formations.
+ Fixed a potential lock-up at the end of combat.
+ Initial pass at Diplomacy mechanics and interface.
+ Treaty and Declare War options are now available in the diplomacy screen.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed minor issues with the players list in the lobby.
+ Fixed a server browser issue where more players than the max allowable would be displayed for a game.
+ Fixed known issues with combat AI not detecting enemy ships.
+ Fixed known issues where AI controlled ships could get stuck navigating around planets.
+ Fixed an issue where AI ships could fly into planets when performing fly-by maneuvers.
+ Combat AI will now attempt to lead targets when in pursuit instead of lagging behind.
+ Fixed minor issues with the Von Neumann Collector AI.
+ Fixed an issue that was preventing combat AI from listening to defense objectives.
+ Fixed a minor issue with Protean AI that would cause Proteans to venture too far from their planets in pursuit of targets.
+ Protean AI will now engage multiple targets.
+ Scattered AI task groups will now attempt to regroup when they get too scattered.
+ Civilian ships will now attempt to evade enemies unless they are the only ships left in combat.
+ Randomized AI patrol directions.
+ Fixed intermittent bug where ships in weapon test would not fire after a round of multiplayer combat.
+ Fixed an issue where a ship coming into combat with a dead module or turret would still get benefits of that module or turret.
+ Fixed a number of turret errors (placed inside ship, placed backwards, etc.)
+ Fixed Torpedo and Barrage ship sections to remove possibility of accidental torpedo imapacts when firing.
+ Fixed an issue where destroyed ship sections were coming into combat with modules and weapons.
+ Fixed the issue where unlocked Steam achievements were not being published. The game will post all currently unlocked achievements the first a players starts it after the update.
+ Fixed the issue where the steam overlay was not available in many cases.
+ Ships now drop out of overthrust when they reach their destination.
+ Ships awaiting docking of riders will now slow to 50% speed during the process.
+ Overthrust now prevents the launching of riders, and ships now recall riders before going in to overthrust.
+ Fixed a number of log file spam issues.
+ The System Killer will no longer run into stations.
+ Fixed bug where design name would be different than default if no name was entered.
+ Restricted prototypes to their own build orders.
+ Changed design display style and added delete buttons to items.
+ Made fleet summary button disable on end turn.
+ Added fleet summary dialog.
+ Added skills to initial admirals.
+ Added tooltips to admiral traits in admiral manager.
+ Removed preferred fleet icon from various places where it should not show up.
+ Ship prototypes are now class-specific.
+ Constrained drone turret arcs.
+ Ballistic weapons now only collide with deflectors and graviton shields.
+ Energy weapons now only collide with disruptor and meson shields.
+ Increased costs of technologies by about 20-30% in general.
+ Many minor tweaks to weapons.
+ Various minor weapon and ship section art fixes.
+ A loading screen is thrown up when transitioning back to the main menu.
+ Drone designs no longer get random faction names.
+ Fixed build order removal.
+ Locust menaces are now implemented.
+ Fixed an issue where muzzle node scaling was doing odd things to weapon effects.
+ Fixed an issue where some beams were firing backwards due to negative scaling factors.
+ Fixed an issue where idle animations were not playing in the weapon test screen.
+ Fixed an issue where ricochects were no longer occurring.
+ Fixed missing module icona and descriptions.
+ Added module information display classes
+ Fixed bug in battle manager when entering with both your own and enemy colonies in the system
+ Added module information display to build screen
+ Introduced new color scheme for build items.
+ Fixed a bug where players from previous games could show up in the diplomacy screen for subsequent games.

Other Changes:
+ By popular request, a SotS1 Human avatar makes it's return.
+ Added turret viewing filters to the design screen.
+ Rotation of the ship in the design screen is now constrained to a single axis.
+ Added more obvious differentiation between prototyped and non prototyped designs.
+ Added color coding to admiral trait display in admiral manager.
+ Diamond icons now show up for ships at a distance in combat.
+ It is now possible to configure options for ship sections in the design screen.
+ Weapons can now be configured on ships in the design screen by clicking points on the ship model as well as the icon itself.
+ Added tutorial pop-up for Diplomacy screen.
+ It is now possible to scrap ships by clicking the trash can icons.
+ Selected design weapons are now displayed in the build screen.
+ Improved module selection in the design screen.
+ Added new star map: Jax.

Key known issues:
- Default options are not being enforced in the design screen.
- Scrapping ships does not yet yield bonuses.
- AI is not assigning design options correctly.
- When playing in single-player mode with the end turn delay, UI elements do not get locked out between turns.
- The game is not allowing alien habitation modules to be constructed even after encountering other players.


Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=22115

Critical fixes:
- Fixed a crash in multiplayer that could be caused by players creating new provinces.
- Many changes have been made to the combat AI including the introduction of a hierarchical task system. Combat AI can now set up patrol positions, scouts and will engage in new maneuvering behaviors to mix things up.
- Fixed bugs in the combat AI that were preventing it from attacking colonies and ignoring other nearby objectives.
- Game transfer to players joining multiplayer games is no longer excessively throttled. This will make joining multiplayer games much faster in most cases.
- Fixed an issue where the strategic AI was not correctly allocating fleets to missions.
- Fixed an issue where placing a station to construct would immediately subtracts a large sum of savings, most notable with the Hiver Naval Station.
- Patched a very rare crash that could occur when creating a new game.

Other fixes:
- Fixed some station collision geometry issues.
- Fixed some incorrectly identified nodes on station art.
- Fixed materials on Hiver IOBM's.
- Fixed bug where change to end turn button delay would not occur until a new turn.
- Specters no longer pursue drones and other fast battle riders.
- Fixed a UI bug where launching battle riders would not work for all selected units.
- Added missing Auxilliary Fission and Fusion engine section modules.
- Rewrote star map selection code to fix various selection bugs and inconsistencies.
- Fixed tech unlocking in Encycolopedia.
- Fixed errors with right click menu and stopped menu from focusing.
- Removed unintentional sensor range cap on fleet movement.
- Relocation missions will now only be available at systems in which you have a colony.
- Reduced savings cost of Human Polytechnic Institute from 10-million to 1-million.
- Fixed a tech tree issue where Fusion Cannons might not be available when they should.
- Fixed incorrect tech requirement for Heavy Fusion Cannon.
- Fixed bug where planet list was not showing up for surveyed system.
- Fixed an issue where MIRV warheads would slow down dramatically just before contacting the target.
- Fixed an issue where the specters could intermittently stop moving during combat.
- Fixed a visual issue where the energry meter in combat was reporting the wrong value.

Other changes:
- Added new star map: Small Disc.
- Added fleet summary dialog, which can be accessed in the button row at the top of the star map.

Key known issues:
- The ship in the weapons test arena has been known to stop firing after combat engagements in networked play.
- The fleet summary button on the star map is appearing with the same icon as the fleet manager button.


Critical fixes:
- Fixed invisible fleets in mission lists.
- Fixed an end-of-combat crash caused by inserting the same combat results into the game twice.
- Fixed invisible Morrigi DLC Grav Boat model.
- Fixed invisible Tarkasian DLC stations.
- Fixed invisible Human DLC stations.
- Disabled purple placeholder effect appearing on all turret muzzles when firing. Existing muzzle effects still display as they did before the last update.
- Fixed an issue where Horde Zuul fleets were unable to perform missions within support range.

Other fixes:

- Fixed a bug where modules were not being counted correctly on stations that players begin the game with.
- Fixed an issue that was preventing foreign and alien habitation modules from being applied to stations.
- Fixed support range display for stations and colonies. Note that fleets will still use their own supply and this will allow them to exceed base station and colony supply ranges represented by the white borders.


Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=22115

Critical fixes:
- fix crash when current formation is removed.
- Fixed a crash when you killed the system killer.
- Fixed random, occasional crash in the encyclopedia code.
- Removed nonsensical option to roll stations, which caused a crash.
- Fixed a crash with proteans.
- Fixed a potential crash issue in the battle manager.
- Added text box filtering for ", ', and ; to prevent known crash issues (e.g. when giving ships a name).
- Fixed circumstances under which canceling a mission might crash game.
- Fixed bug where fleets were getting forced to center of the sun.
- Fixed bug where fleets could be placed inside planets.
- Post combat dialog now shows information on destroyed ships and other useful things.
- Blastmissile technology now researchable.
- Fixed the issue where armor damage patterns were being swapped to different ship sections between combat rounds.

- Fixed drones firing while docked on carrier parent.
- Fixed spacing issue when adding a drone carrier to fleet.
- Adjusted base volley and weapon range deviation (note: shotgun deviation may be a little high).
- Fixed drones attachment points on some carrier sections.
- Fixed so non-tracking torpedos no longer able to damage own ship.
- Combat data will now be sent after determining victory status.
- Added power bonus to modules.
- Added default weapons to module banks.
- Fixed an issue with some music not looping.
- Updated the strat modifier cost when you acquire rapid prototyping.
- Fixed an issue that allowed humans to see and use zuul node lines.
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to do missions outside their sensor range.
- Changed the stations to use 'under construction' assets when being built.
- Made the first arrival of colonization missions apply the support factors from its fleet.
- Added fix to ensure that randoms and grand menaces don't spawn if all of them were disabled.
- Fixed missing suulka cannon beams.
- Fixed auto-picked targets by ship/fleet stance (function did not always pick a valid target to pursue, stand off, or retreat from).
- Ships without crew are now removed after Combat, counted as destroyed.
- Fixed inaccurate locations for applied damage patterns.
- Fixed a localized text thing in the empire management screen to accurately represent trade income.
- Added a fix to stop the Von Neumanns from continuously building stuff.
- Fixed beamers not doing damage.
- Added fading to various interface elements.
- Fixed bug where battleriders would show up in battle manager.
- Fixed bug where stations could be built around enemy colonies.
- Fleets without admirals no longer display "Defacto" as their admiral.
- Combat events now show names properly.

Other changes:
- Post-combat popup has been added.
- Added trade view slider display.
- Added in-game game and audio options.
- Added categories for the option screen for all effects.

Key known issues:
- The design screen must be re-entered before new Drone designs can be applied to ships.
- Biomissiles and boarding pods may not appear with ship designs.
- The post-combat dialog does not completely fit information for combats involving more than two players.
- Certain Battle Cruisers and Destroyers can carry riders, but these are not showing up in combat.



*** This update hasn't been tested extensively on old save games. ***

Critical fixes:
- Fixed a bug that prevented income from being generated when doing a feasibility study.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to automatically distribute sliders from a hidden slider.
- Fixed a crash with support missions trying to open a dialog twice in a turn.
- Fixed a crash that would occur if closing the game while it was booting up.
- Fixed a von neumann crash caused by the faction running out of resources for a new collector fleet.
- Fixed an issue with crashing gem/forge world events from trying to apply moral bonus.
- Drones can now be designed and assigned to ships.
- Battle Riders may now be launched and recovered via their weapon icons in combat.
- Combat turn flow was rewritten. All combat queries are now answered at once, and then all combat simulations play out.
- Fixed a bug that stopped biome colonizers from improving terraforming values.

Other fixes:
- Fixed a recent issue where only the default player profile would be used.
- Fixed tech requirements on a few freighter ship sections.
- Removed "freighter" designation from ship sections to which it was incorrectly applied.
- Tarka freighter savings cost has been reduced from 1.5-million to 150,000.
- Leviathan stats have been improved.
- Tweaked turret arcs on a number of ship and station sections.
- Stations whose crew die off stop rotating in combat.
- Patrol battle riders now follow their tenders better.
- Fixed an issue where battle riders were not swarming around stations effectively.
- Fixed feasibility speech cues from using wrong speech library.
- Fixed admiral driven speech to use proper case.
- Fixed researching sound.
- Fixed research completed early sound cue.
- Fixed the battle draw and winning battle speech cues.
- Fixed under-the-hood sliders to automatically reset themselves to zero.
- Fixed an issue with swarmers trying to assign themselves to systems with no planets.
- Fixed an issue with the flock bonus not being used as a percentage.
- Moved the overharvest warning event to the correct location to stop it spamming every time the IO was queried.
- Fixed an issue that caused the gem and forge world events to spam.
- Fixed battle manager bug when entering system with no Naval base.
- Made visual culling much more subtle on star map to avoid labels popping in and out.
- Cleaned up view filter modes, populated list through code instead of through xml.
- Fixed issue in battle manager where station slots where being displayed even if no CP was available.
- Properly hooked up Mission/Engine section name display to riders in rider manager.
- Combat ready animations no longer loop incorrectly on ships.
- Save games should stay significantly smaller now due to the disabling of a debug feature that was storing a detailed history of all previous changes.
- Fixed a visual issue where tracking torpedoes would draw erroneous lines across the screen.
- The trade view filter on the star map now shows different icons for star systems.
- Fixed a bug that caused the admirals to return an incorrect admiral prefix to sound cues.
- Fixed a bug where Liir Naval Stations were displaying Hiver station assets.
- Fixed visual jitter for battle riders returning to tender.
- Fixed an issue where turn events were not displaying for some.
- Fixed various sizing bugs in GUI lists.
- Protean pods will return attacks.
- Fixed incorrect terrain names in Clouds and Ring star maps.

Other changes:
- New entries have been added to the encyclopedia's Galactic Atlas.
- Added new weapons: Blast Storm Missile, Polaris Blast Beam Missile
- Added new Rift star map.
- Added the ability to skip camera transitions with the escape key.
- Added a tutorial help screen for trade.
- Added Zuul freighters.
- Added missing Von Neumann PD weapons.
- Adjusted station visibility distances for combat.
- Added default ship names for command ships, bore ships, and gate ships.
- Implementation of initial, new post combat dialog.
- Added trade Modifier for trade distances.
- Added a table to keep track of trade results to stop clients from not being able to see trade.
- Stopped the ability to trade with someone you are at war with.
- Increased the max planet range for provinces by 1 ly.
- Added a configuration ability for disabling the main menu combat scene. There is no user interface for this diagnostic option, but it can be modified at your own risk in '%localappdata%\Sword of the Stars II\settings\settings.xml' by adding or modifying the LoadMenuCombat element with a True or False value.
- Added launch effects for planet-to-orbit weapons.
- Added "Reserve Slot" label to reserve rider slots.
- Added events for post combat.
- Added realtime feedback to trade slider adjustment in trade view.
- Added filter to battle rider manager to display only carriers in widget.
- Added color coding to riders in rider manager.
- Added max flock bonus to strat mods and hooked it up to morrigi drive tech.
- Added a function for adding orbits with orbit numbers.

Key known issues:
- There is no post-combat popup.
- Screen transition time still slow for some.
- Game not running in 64-bit for some (running 32-bit works).
- Looking for people unable to connect to GameSpy for MP.

Known Issues
- Drones cannot be designed.

- Many additions to the Defense Manager, which has now been renamed to Battle Manager.
- Fixed a crash with weapons doing half a population damage.
- Fixed a crash with the locust updating its turn.
- Fixed crash in Starmap that could occur when changing between maps in game setup quickly.
- Fixed a crash during saving if using unique extended characters as part of your profile name.
- Fixed a crash associated with the admiral trait True Grit.
- Interaction with COL weapons temporarily disabled while fixing crash in Design Screen.
- Added stance control for ships in formation in combat.
- Re-implemented trade layer.
- Bankruptcy system now in effect.
- Biome-colonizers now active.
- Increased sensor ranges.
- Improved Leviathan class death sequences.

- Fixed a bug where station upkeep was not being deducted from savings.
- Fixed a bug where prototype costs were not being applied to savings.
- Fixed some issues with misnamed event images.
- Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping fleets could in some cases duplicate them.
- The game will now only keep the most recent set of log files. Old copies will be automatically deleted.
- Improvements and a handful of fixes made to the meteor shower random encounter.
- Fixed an issue that allowed trade points to be reused in a trade round.
- Made some optimizations to the gathering of planet/system data for the budget.
- Made some optimizations to the gathering of data for players with combat assets.
- Fixed an issue where weapons and modules could display with incorrect materials.
- Swapped battlerider reserve and wing/squad slots to make use clearer.
- Added tooltips to rider squad/wing/reserve buttons.
- Added trade view overlay elements to star map drawing, first pass.
- Combat entrance transition now active.
- Added improved visual cues when dropping into and out of accelerated time in combat.
- Fixed a variety of issues with battle rider behavior in combat.
- Fixed incorrect asteroid monitor locations in combat.
- Fixed broken images in the encyclopedia.
- Tweaked stats of engine sections.
- Removed items in the Starmap Lobby will no longer remain selected.
- Fixed an issue where double the number of riders were being loaded into combat.
- Fixed an issue where riders would detonate instead of returning to tender.
- Fixed an issue where mounted riders could prevent ships from rotating.
- Tweaks to many ship sections, stations, weapons and related art.

- New politics section added to encyclopedia.
- Added new star maps: Wave (3) and Big Disc (8)
- Added player details to the server browser.
- Added trade view filter to the star map.



- Fixed a crash that would occur when transitioning from the Starmap to the Main Menu screen.
- Reduced time it takes to transition from sub-screens to the Starmap.
- Fixed an error with AI ship names.
- System Killer will no longer spawn so close to a planet.
- Camera will no longer focus on the sun when placing a station.
- Colonization dialog will now display appropriate text.
- Autosaving will no longer append "(Autosave)" if it already exists.
- Corrected an issue with trade stations not generating income.
- Random encounter spawn rate will now respect the percentage set by the player.
- PD Lasers will no longer incorrectly target enemy ships.

- Enemy ships within sensor range but not visible will now be represented as a red diamond.
- Missiles will now appear in sensor view.
- Improved System Killer AI.
- Some AI processing speed optimization.

- Added more variety to the default weapon loadouts of starting fleets.
- Issue where sound would cut out (particularly in combat) is now resolved.
- Fixed issue where ships would avoid far too high or too low while in combat.
- Resolved an issue where players could enter combat without a fleet even if a fleet is available.
- Fixed a bug that misrepresented the winner of a combat.


Critical fixes:

- Fixed station manager crash when while selecting a station.
- AI versus AI combat routines now internalized and will no longer appear to players.
- AI will now follow command point limits when creating and modifying fleets.
- Added tool tips to descriptions to all sections in the design screen.
- Reimplemented alien habitation modules.
- Improved Spectre AI so Spectres now spread out amoung targets.
- Spectres now do appropriate damage based on their size.
- Fixed a slowdown due to Spectre collision error.
- Admiral creation within empire now working correctly.

Other fixes and changes:

- Fixed Spectre spawn positions.
- Improved Spectre AI so Spectres will move from large to small target is the opportunity arises.
- Game will now start in full screen mode at native desktop resolution unless specified in options. (Game can still drop out of full screen if another program window overlaps the game. Use ALT+ENTER to return to full-screen again.)
- Weapons now apply their appropriate damage pattern based on their distance from target.
(All weapons were using their max pattern range, often the weakest of all ranges)
- Turret fixes made to Human and Hiver Leviathans causing them to shoot through selves.
- Firing arc fixes to Heavy Beam modules.
- Heavy turret turn speed changes to be more realistic.
- Adjustments made to Disruptor weapon attacks.
- Fixed various minor bugs to station upgrades.
- Fixed Zuul and Tarka combat music themes not playing.
- Fixed crew death stuck above 0% (was not adding bonus crew when doing crew death calculations)
- Driveless ships in formation, provided they aren't lead ship, will now fall behind and rest of formation will continue at formation speed. If the ship with the destroyed engine is lead, the formation will slow down as designed, in order to protect lead (presumably
command) ship. Player can select ships to abandon lead ship if they wish.
- Fixed planetary spotter ranges (ships can now be spotted by planets when flying past)
- Planet Manger moved to its own dialog box.
- Added a delay to prevent any actions from taking place until everything is ready
- Compressed combat, gui and music sounds for greater efficiency.
- Fixed combat random encounter data being null
- fix incorrect stance facing (ship sometimes did not face target, now they will face target while in their stance)
- Level 5 Science Centers disabled temporarily.


- New badges added to all races
- Additional load screen
- New encyclopedia entries on Admirals.
- New encyclopedia entries on Missions.
- Station Modules entries in the encyclopedia complete.

Known Issues:
- Sound bug remains a priority.
- Close To Attack isn't working properly.
- Players can enter battle without selecting the fleet they want to use
- Some players seeing sorting errors with refracted surfaces (ie glass can be seen through ship as black)
- Fleet isn't picked by default for combat. Player has to select fleet for combat.
- Players reporting crash when attempting to upgrade planet to Gem/Forge world.



Critical fixes:
- Fixed an issue where the game could crash when battle riders, drones, boarding pods, assault shuttles or bio-missiles were launched in combat.
- Fixed an issue where Swarmers could crash the game while launching from the hive.
- Fixed a crash that was occurring when creating new provinces.
- Fixed a crash caused by incorrect retrieval of achievement states.
- Fixed an issue where failure to load an asset could prevent screens from transitioning.
- Fixed multi-player compatibility issues between 32- and 64-bit versions of the game.
- The Continue Game button is now working.
- Tool tips have been added to the combat UI.

Other fixes and changes:
- Fixed an issue where public games were not being correctly published to the GameSpy master server.
- AI is now more aggressive in combat and starts closer to the action. This was done to address some cases where AI versus AI combat simulation was not resolving.
- Fixed known issues where modules were not being displayed on stations.
- Fixed an issue where certain ship designs were not being assigned default sensor ranges.
- Fixed an issue where planetary missiles were not hitting targets.
- Fixed a ship avoidance issue where ships could become immobilized between a station and the planet is orbits.
- Fixed issues where the game was incorrectly assessing whether players should engage in combat.
- Fixed an issue where the game was not correctly determining when players had discovered each other on the star map.
- Fixed issues where starting system distributions on star maps could be needlessly unbalanced.
- Fixed an issue where missiles and mines were not being assigned the correct structure, causing them to be too easy to pick off.
- Fixed the issue where Swarmers were not correctly pursuing moving targets.
- Fixed an issue where Hiver gates were not being deployed while enemy colonies existed in the system.
- Fixed an issue with lists in the GUI that was causing the Admiral Manager to present misleading data.
- Fixed an issue where Battle Cruisers and Battleships were being unlocked without the correct technologies being acquired.
- Fixed an issue where an incorrect large amount of terraforming damage could be applied by weapons in combat.
- Fixed an issue where the Von Neumann constructs could spawn at the center of a star system.
- Fixed an issue where reserve fleets were being included in sensor range checks
- The System Killer's beam range has been increased.
- Added missing icons to Heavy Beam modules.
- Start positions for certain combat encounters have been brought in closer.
- The ship HUD is no longer displayed when planets are selected in combat.
- There have been a handful of fixes to various weapon and ship art files.
- Fixed an issue where "easter eggs" could be spawned in colonized systems.

- Game setup now automatically defaults to the maximum players for the selected map.
- Missile warheads will now upgrade.
- Players are now presented with the option of renaming their initial home world as a new colony.
- The game launcher options dialog now includes a "Prefer 64-bit Process" checkbox. This can be unchecked to override default behavior and run the 32-bit version of the game on 64-bit operating systems.
- Features have been added to the station manager:
* Module descriptions have been added.
* The station module build queue now displays cost.
* A Max button has been added to the module build queue controls.
- Changes have been made to the upgrade paths of stations to prevent certain issues where upgrades might never be possible.
- The station manager now shows up as a window on the star map.
- The planet information window now shows up as a window on the star map.
- The redundant confirmation dialog that displayed when loading games has been removed.
- The Defense Manager tray has been hidden in this update to prevent the possibility of fleets becoming on the system map.
- The Liir Protectorate is now locked until the correct technology is acquired.
- As a stop-gap measure the initial window resolution supplied in the game launcher options has been reduced from 1680x1050 to 1280x960. This may help newcomers to the game in cases where the initial window size is too large for certain desktop and display configurations. Others may adjust this value in the options dialog as needed.


Discussion: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=22115

Updated Manual ... 1320071925

Additions and Improvements:

- A new badge has been added for all factions.
- The game will now start in native 64-bit mode on operating systems that support it.
- Added 15 new entries to the encyclopedia.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes:

*** This update will break save games due to changes to special encounter implementation. ***

- Fixed a divide by zero crash that could occur when the game tried to trigger a rebellion on a planet with 0 civilian population.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when entering the multiplayer lobby.
- Fixed issues where the game would hang on end turn when resolving AI versus AI combat.
- Fixed issues where concurrent combat scheduling could cause game turns to hang.
- Fixed an issue where the game could crash when a player attempted to save between turns.
- Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur during combat.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when committing an intercept mission.

- Fixed encyclopedia content appearing in the wrong locations.
- Fixed issues where user interface would be unreadable when starting a game window larger than the desktop resolution.
- Added more tool tips to the game lobby.
- Added more tool tips to the colony information widget.
- Added more tool tips to the build screen.
- Added more tool tips to the certain pop-ups and to the station placement screen.

- Fixed a few outstanding localized text issues, including three descriptions in the tech tree;
Spinal Mounts
Heavy Fission Cannon
Assimilation Plague Cure.
- Rebalanced Police ships and some menaces.
- Made improvements to Swarm Hiver, Larva and Queen art.
- Fixed issues where the game window could shrink below the minimum 1024x720 resolution.
- Fixed issue where minimizing the game window could cause it to go full screen instead.
- Fixed an issue where Suul'ka could become available to non-Horde Zuul players via Diplomatic Stations.
- Suul'ka arrival after building a Tribute station is now delayed by at least a turn.
- Fixed a bug with post encounter dialog where list selections were getting mixed up.
- Fixed a miscolored element of the fleet widget items.
- Fixed some underlying UI layout bugs.
- Fixed a bug where Gate Amplifiers would not show up in the station module list. This was preventing the upgrade of Gate stations.
- Fixed a bug that was allowing built modules to be re-queued.
- Fixed art issues with Tarkasian Dreadnought GOOP and Heavy Beam modules.
- Fixed outstanding art issues with Human Supply Transports, Naval Outposts and Polic Cutters.
- Fixed an issue where AI controlled agents running at accelerated time in simulated combat were not doing enough damage to each other.

- Fixed some intermittent crashes that could occur on the star map.
- Solved an issue where planet details screen might not clear out old information.
- Fixed black ships in star map.
- Fixed other graphical glitches that have been reported.
- A large part of the update is DLC content that is now active.

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